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Admissions Decisions

25 Mar

Admissions Decisions will be posted on Wednesday!

Regular Decision notifications will go out this Wednesday and the rest of the 2017 class will begin to take form in the next few weeks. While we have already welcomed over 200 Early Decision applicants, we all look forward to meeting the newly admitted students during Accepted Students Day in April!


You Know Lexington Is Nice

27 Apr

Wow, what a day with Accepted Students Day! Campus was packed and all looked happy to be there. I could not ask for a better day or Tour Group for that matter.

Speaking of the Tour Group, I did something I had never done before. I took a picture with them. A mother wanted to take one of the whole Tour Group so of course we complied. Don’t know if I will ever get that chance again!

Along with that, I wanted to say just how nice the people are here. Just got back from a nice early run and everyone I passed, at 8 a.m mind you, gave me a big smile and a good morning. You have to appreciate that, especially when they are doing it in between a couple yawns.

Accepted Students Day

25 Apr

The student body at W&L look forward to Accepted Students Day every year because we love to show off our school and help you gain a genuine understanding and feel for our environment. You will find that W&L is truly like no other university with reasons ranging from the Honor System to attitude of students. The faculty and students have organized a variety of programs that will fill up your three days here. You will also have the opportunity to meet more than 500 of your peers. This will be a great few days and I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I do!