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A bit sentimental.

1 Apr
Seniors 2013

Seniors 2013

Tonight is the Senior Service for my sorority, during which we celebrate the women in our organization who will be graduating. Tonight also marks the last chapter (weekly meeting) that most Seniors will attend – making it a bittersweet evening. Greek life was not something I was looking for when I began my college search, and I definitely doubted whether on not it was something I wanted to participate in when I arrived at Washington & Lee. But now, four years later, I can look back on my greek experience with nothing but fond memories and I know that it helped shape my W&L career and allowed me to grow in ways I didn’t expect it to.

There are generally a lot of stereotypes linked to greek life, many of which I believed prior to enrollment. But the truth is that greek life at W&L is different – it isn’t ‘Animal House’ or ‘Legally Blonde’. With over 80% of the student body in greek organizations, students who go greek are leaders both within their houses and on campus. Greek organizations at W&L maintain exceptionally high GPAs, host a plurality of the annual philanthropy events on campus, and have a diverse membership. Each house has athletes and Johnson Scholars and club presidents – we can’t be labeled or put into categories.

Greek life was not my defining experience at Washington & Lee. My membership in a sorority does not match my participation in Mock Convention or my  research work or my academic success. But greek life was a defining experience of mine. It provided a network of diverse yet connected individuals with whom I could feel at home, and it allowed us a physical place to call our home. Greek life was a beneficial experience – and one that I didn’t think I would have. Simply put, it was a pleasant surprise.

While in many ways tonight is just another Monday night to be spent in the library writing my capstone, it is also a night I will remember for the bonds that I have shared with my friends over the last four years. It will be the night we celebrated job offers of fellow seniors and the memories we have made as members of our organization during our time at W&L. So yes, I guess I am feeling a bit sentimental.

George and Bob Talks

29 Mar
The first George and Bob talks - this Monday!

The first George and Bob talks – this Monday!

Washington and Lee’s first ever George and Bob Talks will be held this Monday.
Students of POL 265 (Classical Political Philosophy) and POL 266 (Modern Political Philosophy) will each give 6-minute talks that dive into the various meanings and experiences found in a modern liberal arts experience.

Admissions Decisions

25 Mar

Admissions Decisions will be posted on Wednesday!

Regular Decision notifications will go out this Wednesday and the rest of the 2017 class will begin to take form in the next few weeks. While we have already welcomed over 200 Early Decision applicants, we all look forward to meeting the newly admitted students during Accepted Students Day in April!


Student Government

22 Mar

The polls opened this morning for the first round of our annual Student Government elections. Today we (Undergrads and Law students) voted for our new Executive Committee President, Vice President, and Secretary, as well as for our Student Judicial Council Chairman and Secretary. These two boards, called the EC and the SJC, are important aspects of our tradition of student self-governance at Washington and Lee, but we have multiple governing bodies on campus.

Executive Committee: Our Student Government, the EC oversees budget allocations for student organizations, student programming, and is responsible for upholding our Honor System.

Student Judicial Council: The SJC is responsible for investigating non-honor violations.

Student Faculty Hearing Board: The SFHB is made up of student and faculty representatives that are specially trained to investigate allegations of harassment or sexual misconduct.

Interfraternity Council: The IFC serves to oversee the male greek community, promote programming and leadership development, and to hear cases regarding misconduct within the Greek community.

Panhellenic Council: The Panhellenic Council promotes programming and leadership development within the female greek community and serves as the governing body and conduct board in the case of organizational misconduct.

Fancy Dress

19 Mar
Fancy Dress this Saturday

Fancy Dress this Saturday


Planes, trains, and automobiles

19 Mar

Some of the most common questions I get on tours and around the Admissions office are regarding transportation. Trust me, I get it. Lexington seems like it is in the middle of nowhere, but it is actually a lot more connected than you think, and certainly more connected than I expected.

I am writing this post from a train on my way to New York City for an interview (wish me luck!) and this is the fourth such trip I  have made by train. While we don’t have a station in Lexington, there are three relatively close; Charlottesville, Staunton, and Lynchburg. All three are serviced by Amtrak and are all well within an hour and a half away. They can take you pretty much anywhere on the eastern seaboard for a very reasonable fare. Want to go to a concert in D.C.? No problem. Visit a friend in Philly? Sure thing. Get a job in NYC? Again, wish me luck.

As far as flying goes, Roanoke is the closest airport and it connects to most of the major airports in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest. Some students choose to drive to Richmond, about 2 1/2 hours away, where you can find generally find cheaper flights to Texas and the West Coast. When traveling abroad, most leave out of Dulles in D.C. or Charlotte, N.C.

If you prefer to drive, whether for a weekend away or to get home during breaks, Lexington is conveniently located at the crossroads of 64 and 81. Locations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, , Georgia, West Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey are all, generally, less than 8 hours away, with many being far closer.

So while we are definitely not a suitcase campus, there are always ways to get where you need to go!




11 Mar

I overslept this morning. I could blame it on daylight savings or a long weekend, but really I just plain overslept. I woke up right as my first class was ending and immediately felt  both confused (why did I hit ‘off’ and not ‘snooze’?) and very, very guilty.

You see, when you sleep through your alarm or miss class at W&L, your professor’s notice and that is because when you walk into the first day of class, your Professor’s learn your names right away. Having small class sizes at W&L not only allows for an excellent learning environment and vibrant discussion, it also means that you establish real relationships with your Professor’s. The academic experience at W&L is very much a two-way street, or better yet, a partnership. If you seem to be having an off week or two, it is very common to get an e-mail from a Professor or Advisor checking in to make sure everything is ok. Have your grades taken a hit? Professor’s will open their doors for extra help and office hours.

Knowing my Professor’s truly care instills in me a feeling of responsibility. I matter in the classroom, and that class time matters for my learning. You can’t phone it in at W&L, but once you get here, you won’t ever want to!