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Something Random

29 Jan

In the 60s in January!

Virginia weather is random. Last week we had snow. However, today we have blue skies and 60 degree weather…in January. The random surprises like this truly make one appreciate the beautiful surrounding scenery. Although there will surely be more cold days to come, weather like this makes one look forward to Spring term. Spring term at Washington and Lee is something many schools simply do not offer. During this term we take one class for four weeks. Some students take this opportunity to go study abroad, while others decide to focus  their interests on campus. Regardless of what class you take, Spring term gives students the opportunity to not only focus on just one class, but also to explore the surrounding Lexington area. With many off campus houses right on the river, which flows right outside of town, the Spring weather is greatly appreciated by all students. This experience is something that seems to be very unique to W&L. It is one of the many things about Washington and Lee that makes one’s time spent here different then from anywhere else.

The Flurries Begin!

25 Jan

It’s another Friday at W&L, and another chance for a snow storm! It’s a brisk 21 degrees and the flurries have started.  Everyone around campus is bundled up and bracing for another round of winter weather.  If you are visiting campus today, be on the lookout for some impromptu snowman building along Canaan Green. Campus sure looks beautiful in the snow, but I for one am ready for warm weather again.  Maybe with registration for Spring Term next week, things will start to heat up!

The Halloween Spirit (and Sandy)

30 Oct

The magnitude of the ‘Frankenstorm’ is well-documented. It’s twice the size of Hurricane Irene, and it’s being compared to the famed ‘Perfect Storm’ years ago. People all across the East Coast have been bracing themselves for the inevitable onslaught, and our little haven is no different. Students are stocking up on batteries, water, and food, and many are wondering how it will affect Halloween.

W&L does Halloween a little differently than other schools. At W&L, Halloween is much less scandalous and  much more festive. Students dress in quirky, weird, funny, ironic, and clever costumes and we celebrate by having a gigantic tent party in a country field and swing dancing the night away. But what about Sandy? Some people think she’s going to try and ruin all the fun! But I don’t think so. If there’s anything I know about W&L and its students, we won’t let a little wind and rain wreck one of the best holidays of the year! We have a deep-seated passion for making the best out of everything, and I’m sure that tomorrow will be no different.


Sorority Dining

30 Oct

Sorority Row…on a sunnier day!

It seems like the Sorority chefs know when it’s going to be a rainy day out because we always seem to have an awesome soup/hummus/bread bar out at least one of the houses. With a minimum of four different soups to chose from, five different types of yummy bread and plenty of dips and spread, the sorority chefs know what’s up when it’s getting cold and drizzly. We’re lucky because with sorority dining, you get to go to any one of the six houses for lunch. That means you could get a little bit of everything as you make your way down the row with a plate….

With Sandy rolling into Lex, my fingers are crossed that one of the houses will be offering my favorite chicken noodle soup and spinach artichoke dip today!!

Storm a brewing

28 Oct

Sitting here on a Sunday night and I just received a message from my friend whose school has been cancelled for tomorrow. There are high warnings everywhere and Lexington is no exception. Come tomorrow morning and throughout the next couple of days we will see just how bad Sandy or Frankenstorm can be. I have never had a day of classes cancelled so far in college, but the next few days might bring the first one. It has been dark all day and the rain and wind has picked up. The Governor has issued a statement and has told many schools to cancel class for at least tomorrow. We will see if W&L will cancel classes, but if I had to guess… the classes will happen and I will be sitting in Ordinary Differential Equations tomorrow at 9am. Best of luck to all who are in the storm, stay safe!

Wild Weather!

28 Oct

80 degrees and then snow? We couldn’t believe it when we got to enjoy the beautiful 80 degree weather in the middle of October last week! Now, as hurricane Sandy gets closer to Virginia, snow is in the forecast for this beginning of this week! As our parents pack their bags for this coming Parents’ Weekend they better prepare for all kinds of crazy Lexington weather!

Fall Season

15 Oct

The first few weeks in Lexington bring the renewal of not just a new year at W&L but also the rekindling of friendships, sports, social activities, and an acclamation with weather in the Blue Ridge. Although the month of September maintained the warm and clear skies of Summer, with October has come the true Fall weather that Lexington brings each year – the brisk air, light breeze, occasional rain, and the upcoming winter season. For those students who are used to northern weather, which there are many, the fall and winter months here are of little worry. They are moderate compared to what they are used to. However, new students from the deeper south are often surprised by how quickly the fall comes. They may not enjoy the colder weather, but the beauty of the surrounding landscape definitely makes up for it.

Buckling Down

15 Oct

Fall foliage in full force

After a restful Reading Days, the undergraduate students are back on campus and gearing up for midterms. It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through October and halfway through the fall semester. Itensity is picking up, whether that be in our coursework or seniors’ preparations for “life after W&L.” Several of my friends have been preparing for medical school and Teach For America interviews, while others await LSAT scores in order to complete their law school applications. But these preparations don’t just apply to seniors. I’ve already heard of sophomores and juniors applying for Spring Term courses and summer internships, so it seems that plenty of people are trying to balance their focus on midterms and future adventures right now. Thankfully, we have Lexington’s foliage to help us take a deep breath, put everything in perspective, and appreciate the beauty of fall in Virginia!


Another Beautiful Day

26 Sep

Another Beautiful Day

Soaking up the beautiful 85 degree day by studying on the sorority house porch.

Autumnal Equinox

23 Sep

The weather is starting to get cooler her in Lexington, fall has officially arrived! Fall is my favorite time at W&L and not only a popular time to visit campus, but a beautiful time as well. Reservations are filling up fast, so plan your trip now and come enjoy campus at its best.