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Under the Weather

5 Mar

I feel sick as a dog. Luckily, Hillel has my favorite black bean soup! It’s so nice to have healthy and wholesome dining options on campus that are not only easily accessible but thoroughly delicious too…go Hillel!

How to survive exams!

6 Dec

As we finish up the last two days of classes, students at Washington and Lee enter the most grueling part of the semester: Finals. Although we are lucky enough to have the ability to schedule our exams (thank you, Honor System), exams are still the most stressful time of the year for most students. Some students take all their finals in the first few days of exam week and get home as soon as possible, while others spread out their exams as much as possible for study time and stay until the very last day. No matter your personal strategy for exam taking, there are a few undisputed ways to survive exams at W&L. In my opinion, there are two ways to survive exams at W&L:

1. Utilize the free coffee in the Co-op and in Leyburn: Since Lexington Coffee Shop is my favorite place in Lexington; you might understand why I appreciate free coffee. My roommate and I started the LexCo tradition early in the semester. It wasn’t long before our weekly trip turned into an addiction satisfied several times a week. The free coffee during exams reduced my expensive trips to LexCo and allowed me to have at least three or four cups of coffee a day, which is only truly acceptable during finals.

2Go to the midnight breakfast in D-hall: There are some dinners, which usually include grilled chicken, broccoli, and macaroni and cheese, which go above and beyond expectations. Thanksgiving dinner is the most delectable meal at d-hall, second to the Harvest Dinner before Thanksgiving. Still, the midnight breakfast was by far the best meal of the entire semester. The dining hall was full of upperclassmen and freshmen all using this study break to stress eat. It’s so worth it.

On the positive side, there are a few things about exams that make them almost fun, in the slightest ways. For me, these things include the excuse to use highlighters, legal pads, post-it notes, and staplers excessively. My appreciation for office supplies and organization thrives during exams. After a few sleepless nights and dozens of cups of coffee, I will be sure to survive another set of exams at Washington and Lee.

Sorority Dining

30 Oct

Sorority Row…on a sunnier day!

It seems like the Sorority chefs know when it’s going to be a rainy day out because we always seem to have an awesome soup/hummus/bread bar out at least one of the houses. With a minimum of four different soups to chose from, five different types of yummy bread and plenty of dips and spread, the sorority chefs know what’s up when it’s getting cold and drizzly. We’re lucky because with sorority dining, you get to go to any one of the six houses for lunch. That means you could get a little bit of everything as you make your way down the row with a plate….

With Sandy rolling into Lex, my fingers are crossed that one of the houses will be offering my favorite chicken noodle soup and spinach artichoke dip today!!

Happy Fall Y’all!

27 Sep

We may already be into the fifth day of fall, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet! With the afternoon highs reaching the upper 70s, my wardrobe choices for Lexington’s crisp, foggy mornings have not suited me well for the toasty, humid afternoons. Of course, I shouldn’t complain since my hometown of Dallas is expected to reach 100 degrees on Thursday–yikes! But until autumn truly rolls into our area, at least we have tomorrow night’s Fall Harvest Dinner to look forward to! As you can see from the link, the menu features incredible cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and desserts from local businesses like the Homestead Creamery. W&L’s Dining Services puts on several themed dinners throughout the year like a Thanksgiving Dinner and a Midnight Breakfast during finals week (featuring omelettes made by professors and all-you-can-eat ice cream!). My friends and I can’t wait to relive the first-year experience and eat at our favorite long tables in the Marketplace (or as we like to call it, “D-Hall”). Hopefully there will be some colorful leaves hanging over Woods Creek to add to the autumn ambience!