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Healthy living

1 Mar
Prof. Knapp encourages everyone to get a Flu Buddy for Flu Season

Prof. Knapp encourages everyone to get a Flu Buddy for Flu Season

From the little things like the coat hooks to the big deals like our Honor System, I find something I love about Washington and Lee every day. There are seemingly endless resources on campus whether you need to find an internship, mail a package, and update your computer software, but the one that never ceases to amaze me is our Health Center.

Open 24/7 the Student Health Center is always there for undergrads and law students alike who come down with a cold, sprain an ankle, or need a flu shot. Completely included in your tuition, you can go to the Health Center as much as necessary when you are enrolled at W&L, and I certainly take full advantage of this (essentially) free health care while I still have access to it. Yesterday in class I felt a small bump under my neck and, being a hypochondriac and chronic worrier, I began to freak out. I ran out to “go to the bathroom” (Sorry, Professor!) and made a quick call to the Student Health Center. And then, just 15  minutes after class ended I walked in the door to my appointment where I was instantly assured that it was entirely normal for a lymph node to get a little inflamed and that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I left feeling relieved not only from the knowledge that I was fine, but also the security in knowing I have a resource like the Health Center to calm all of my nerves and treat all of my ailments.

While the neck-bump was a non-issue, many students must visit the Health Center under less convenient circumstances. If a student happens to have, let’s say, consumed too much of a liquid substance, the Health Center will gladly take them in with open arms and an open cot for the evening, only to be released after they have seen a doctor and had a healthy breakfast the next morning. This resource comes with a guarantee that no student will get in trouble for seeking assistance when needed and ensures that all W&L students have a safe place to go at all times.

Out of the Darkness Walk

23 Sep

I am a member of Active Minds, an organization on campus that works to increase awareness of mental health issues on college campuses. Yesterday we participated in a Rockbridge County Out of the Darkness Walk to raise suicide awareness. There was a wonderful turn-out from both students and the community. The weather was gorgeous and we walked on the Woods Creek Trail that goes straight through W&L’s campus. It was a great way to spend my Saturday afternoon outside.

Mental Health Panel

28 Nov

This week W&L’s Active Minds is putting on a mental health panel for students and faculty. Undergrad, law, and staff panelists will speak on topics as diverse as relationship violence and extreme grief. The panelists will speak openly about their own personal struggles in the hope that those in attendance can take their stories and apply them in their own lives. A reception will follow in the Commons Living Room that will provide an opportunity to speak to the panelists one-on-one. This panel is one of the many ways W&L is working towards reducing stigma toward people living with mental illness so that students will feel more comfortable seeking help when it is needed and openly discussing mental-health related issues!

Speaker Stacy Nadeau

17 Oct

About a week ago, Stacy Nadeau from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty came to the Hillel House to tell her story. I attended the talk with my sorority, and she was incredible! I’ll admit that I was preoccupied with tests and the excitement of the upcoming reading days at first, but she captured my full attention as soon as she walked in the room. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the campaign, their mission is to inspire the self esteem women need to reach their full potential in a world obsessed with perfection and appearance. In order to achieve this, Dove sought out to find women of all shapes, sizes, age, and race to represent their brand. Stacy, a hilarious but very eloquent speaker, told her story of how she became involved and how the campaign drastically changed her life. Laughing as well as crying, everyone in the room paid close attention to every part of her story. Afterwards we got to hang out with Stacy, bug her with questions, follow her on twitter, and eat some really good food! It was a great escape from the stresses of midterms!

Walking for a cause

2 Oct

My boyfriend and I recently went to Roanoke to participate in an Out of the Darkness suicide awareness walk, sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. It was a really incredible experience, and we ran into some W&L faculty there! I am vice president of Active Minds, our student organization for mental health awareness and advocacy, so it was really rewarding to be able to make a connection to similar efforts beyond our campus. This is just one of the many awesome ways to get involved outside Lex!

Active Minds!!!

26 Mar

We are working on creating an Active Minds chapter on campus! Active Minds is a national organization that seeks to remove stigma on college campuses that is associated with mental illnesses.