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My Why W&L

16 Dec
My Why W&L

My Why W&L

Ok, so I didn’t choose W&L just because it had coat hooks outside its classrooms, but it actually did play a pretty big role in my decision. During one of my many tours (it took me a long time to accept that my Dad had found the college I wanted to go to) I went through Washington Hall where I saw these coat hooks line the hallway. Immediately I was hit with a feeling of illogical nostalgia and began picturing myself trudging through snow (uphill both ways) to the Colonnade for class in the long gone era of ‘Love Story’-like academia. I imagined stomping my boots and shaking out my coat before pushing open the white double-doors of Washington Hall to enter into a building filled with knowledge, a world where we still wrote our essays by hand and Mark Zuckerberg had not yet been born.

Clearly, the coat hooks struck a chord with me and, oddly enough, and led me to realize what I truly wanted in a University. That idyllic academic experience that was conjured up in my head was alive and well at W&L and played a huge role in my decision to enroll here. In the four years since that fateful tour, I have hung my coat up many times outside a stimulating and fascinating class. While I may not actually go uphill both ways, I know that every time I walk up to The Hill, the coat hooks and the classrooms will always be there.

Washington Hall is Almost Done!

5 Dec

I’ve been dying to get into Washington Hall since I got to W&L last fall. The middle hall on the Colonnade, it houses the President’s office as well as parts of a few academic departments. It had been undergoing renovation for about two years and has just recently been opened, although there are a few finishing touches to be added in the entryway. I had almost gotten used to the maroon construction walls, but I’m really interested in our history and I’m excited that part of our architectural history is with us again.

The Colonnade renovation is now 60% complete: Robinson (math) and Tucker (languages) Halls have yet to go under the knife. This is such an important project because it increases accessibility and brings out the functional characteristics as well as the beauty of some of our major classroom buildings. I spoke to one of my advisors, Professor DeLaney, about the earlier renovations to Newcomb and Payne Halls, and he felt that they preserved the buildings’ character as well as made them more usable.

Having spent much time in Robinson and Tucker, I am so excited to see those buildings renovated in the coming years. Altogether I’m glad W&L is willing to put time, effort, and money into our historic buildings and I hope they, like our school, continue to last far into the future.

Washington Hall Statue

28 Sep

I play varsity field hockey here at Washington and Lee, and our turf field is uphill from the football stadium.  From our elevated height, we have an unbelievable view of the football field, the law school, and beyond that, the hazy mountains, but what is truly inspiring is the statue of George Washington that sits atop Washington Hall.  The statute just barely peeks up above the trees so that I can see it when I’m on the field.

I remember when I went on a tour at W&L as a prospective student and my tour guide said that there was an old legend about that statute on top of Washington Hall: the story goes that the Union Army came through Lexington during the Civil War in order to sack VMI.  A couple of Union soldiers mistook the statue of George Washington for Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, and began to throw rocks at it.  Another soldier, who was familiar with the university, approached them and asked what they were doing.  The uninformed men responded that they were trying to knock Jeff Davis off of his perch.  “That’s not Jefferson Davis–you’re throwing rocks at the father of our country!” the soldier told them, and the shenanigans stopped right there.

This story is one of my favorites of the many great W&L anecdotes.  The view of that statue over the trees while I play field hockey is not only incredibly picturesque, but it also really inspires me.  It reminds me of how truly lucky I feel to be a part of this amazing community with so much background and historical significance.  And it reminds me to play like a General!

Picture This

26 Mar

in case you want a clearer picture of what alexanderr13 is talking about!