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Living Off Campus!

11 Sep

It’s the beginning of my junior year, and I’m finally living off campus in my own home! Don’t get me wrong…living on campus was a great experience, so convenient, and always exciting. However, this year I’m living in the Pole Houses, which are a group of student houses built on stilts right next to the Maury River. Being so close to the water and having a huge yard, these houses are awesome during warm weather! During Orientation Week, there was plenty going on right outside our door. We went swimming, had cookouts, went to band parties all in our backyard. I’m also so excited to finally have my own kitchen, washer and dryer, and living with five other friends. Being an upperclassman definitely has its perks!

Fall on the Chessie

25 Oct

Although I can’t say I scaled a mountain this past weekend like two of the admissions counselors can, I at least got to enjoy the 60 degree weather and run the Chessie Trail on Sunday morning. Between hearing the crunch of leaves beneath my feet and watching shades of orange and yellow leaves fall from the trees, I felt like I was jogging through an autumn dream. It’s so nice to go to school in a place where there are actually seasons; I know my parents can’t wait to enjoy the fall weather this weekend! The Chessie Trail is one of my favorite Lexington landmarks. You can’t beat the picturesque views of the Maury River, especially during this colorful season. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to take a stroll on it before the freezing temperatures roll in!

Beautiful Day for a Run

25 Oct

Fall is definitely here on campus, and the weather is beautiful! Plenty of students, including myself, have been taking advantage of the great weather to spend time outside. I went on a run this morning on the Woods Creek Trail, which runs right along Woods Creek and through campus. Lexington also has the Chessie Trial, which runs along the Maury River and is a great place to run. Some of my friends also hiked House Mountain this past weekend. House Mountain is right behind campus and the view from the top is incredible. I love all of the opportunities we have to be outside here.

Rise and Shine

2 Dec

For a Florida girl winter includes a month of 50 degree weather-if that, with lots of  complaining about how we are freezing (only because my warmest coat was a sweatshirt before I came to W&L). In the mountains of Lexington I’m experiencing a whole new winter. One where I drink hot chocolate to stay warm, sit by the fire-place in the sorority house, bonfires at friends houses, and oh yes the casual 9 am Geology hike to “the Big Tilt” when the high is 35 degrees. I still may have to wear all my clothes at once to say warm, but I love this new season they call winter. I love it untill Feb. Break when I go home to bikini weather…but that is what spring term is for right! I’ll be dreaming of kayaking down the Maury, Goshen Pass and Panther Falls, and the continuous struggle to do work when it’s so beautiful outside. Until then I’ll be listening to Jimmy Buffett drinking eggnog by the fire.

Summer Adventure

7 Jul

Poor planning and the urge for adventure made last weekend a truly memorable one. Around 1 o’clock Sunday afternoon two friends and I got the brilliant idea to go kayaking. We had all been kayaking before but never on this stretch of the river. After spending several hours getting ready and strapping kayaks to the top of our cars (which was not an easy thing) we set off to Buena Vista to kayak the Maury River down to Glasgow.

We dropped the boats off in BV and I waited while the other two went to drop the car off at the other end. When they finally got back to BV they reported that the trip was only seven miles by road. That would be a nice afternoon ride…if we were kayaking on the road. Twelve miles later, too many blisters to count, and enough sun for a year we finally finished. It was 9:30 and very dark  by the time we got out of the water and we still had another hour of loading the kayaks and driving back to Lexington.

While this trip was an adventure, it was by no means my proudest moment. I recommend that you try kayaking sometime especially if you are here in Lex over the summer, however, I also recommend that you:  1. Know the distance of the trip. 2. Pack water and food.  3. Tell somebody where you are going. These are all things we failed to do that could have made this trip memorable, but for other reasons.

So Many Activities…

21 Jun

I have heard many stories about summers in Lexington and all the fun they can be, however, when I found out I would be here all summer working in the admissions office I was still a little skeptical. I understand  the weather is nice and all but this is still a small town in the summer without students. I am glad to say that so far I have been pleasantly surprised by summers in Lex. There are many students staying on campus and I have spent a lot of time with people I normally would probably never had met doing a wide range of things.

One of the many activities occupying my time thus far is tubing down the Maury River. The concept of tubing is a relatively simple one. First, buy a tube from the bookstore, walmart, or the truck stop up the road. Second, find somebody with a large enough car to drive you and your tubes about 3 miles up the river (or take a jeep and hold the tubes out the window as we did on a recent trip). Third, sit in the tube and spend the next 3-4 hours floating down the river drinking pop and taking turns applying sunscreen.

The river starts out shallow and fast with several small rapids and even a small dam which always causes somebody to flip. The end of the trip is more like floating on a lake and normally requires some paddling. In the end this very simple concept provides hours of fun and enjoyment. And don’t worry because no matter how much sunscreen you put on or how much you get in the water to “cool off”, you are going to be red by the time you get out. It is just a small price to pay for a day of fun.