Life on Campus

Life on W&L’s campus offers so many different opportunities, so we asked our guides about their experiences to give you an idea of what there is to do, eat and study. Our guides, and all the students on W&L’s campus, are incredibly diverse. We have guides from 23 states, Germany and the Ukraine, and almost every department on campus is represented in their majors and minors.

Where our guides are from:

Most popular majors/minors:

1. The Sciences
2. Politics
3. Business Admin
4. Shepherd Poverty Program
5. Economics
6. English
7. Foreign Languages
8. Accounting
9. Art History
10. Classics, Religions, Philosophy
11. History
12. Psychology
13. Journalism & Mass Communications
14. Math
15. The Arts
16. Foreign Culture Studies
17. Social Sciences
18. Education

Best place to eat in town:

Best social event:

Most popular campus activities:

1. Greek life
2. Community service groups
3. Tutoring
4. Religious groups (GCF, Hillel, RUF)
5. Mock Convention
6. Varsity Athletics
7. Arts
8. Fancy Dress Committee
9. Outing Club
10. Peer Counseling, Life, Active Minds, Speak, 1 in 4
11. Political groups
12. Academic clubs/societies
13. Intramural/Club sports
14. Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Yearbook
15. Mock Trial
16. Executive Committee

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