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Winter Concert

27 Feb
GAB Poster for Dillon Francis this Saturday!

GAB Poster for Dillon Francis this Saturday!

The General’s Activities Board (GAB) is our student-run entertainment organization that is responsible for putting on the major on-campus concerts throughout the year. This Saturday, GAB is hosting Dillon Francis, an electronic/dance musicician who will be playing at the Pavillion for the students and the public. GAB concerts are always a lot of fun, and many up-and-coming names have played here in the past including Girltalk and Wale. There are even a few impromptu Afroman appearances in the middle of the afternoon which have been, well, confusing, but still very fun. The concert this weekend is sure to be a blast for everyone – just one more reason for friends to come visit!

Christmas Weekend

5 Dec

Reasons I love the holidays at W&L: peppermint lattes in Co-Op, President Ruscio’s s giant Christmas tree, and most of all, the plethora of glittery dresses worn at Christmas Weekend festivities. Even with the weekend fun behind us and impending exams weighing on me, I still have holiday chorus concerts in the beautiful Lee Chapel to look forward to! As everyone buckles down to cram in the next few weeks, there will be no shortage of options for a study break on campus. (my favorite, of course, being sipping a peppermint latte by the Commons living room fire place.)

Ghostland Observatory & The White Panda

5 Feb

Last night the Generals Activities Board brought Ghostland Observatory and The White Panda to Lexington for a concert at the pavilion.  It was incredible!  I had never even heard a single song by Ghostland Observatory before I went to the concert, but it was so high energy that I had no trouble getting into it.  They had an amazing lights show and they were just so fun to watch and dance to!  Everyone seemed to have an awesome time, wanting to get close to the stage and get a good look at the band.  Hope we continue to get more awesome groups to come to W&L!

Cello-Bration! and Spring Term

27 Apr

That’s right.  “Cello-bration” – the name of our cello concert that took place tonight.  Though the name was cheesy, it was a really cool experience getting to play with other cellists from the area!  We had a good crowd and played a variety of pieces, so it was a lot of fun.  We even played a piece that we will be discussing next week in my spring term class on music in the films of kubrick.  Speaking of, we watched “2001: A Space Odyssey” last night, which I had never seen before.  It was cool, and I’m really looking foward to watching “A Clockwork Orange” for the first time and “The Shining” again.  Anyway, that’s all I know for now!


P.S.  I’m posting a link to a video of a piece  that we played in the Cello-Bration, if you’re interested.  (It’s far away, so I thought I’d tell you that Vera is playing the piano and I’m playing the cello.)

Vera and me playing 7 variations on a mozart theme by Beethoven