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27 Feb
AdLib this week!

AdLib this week!

This week plays host to the AdLib conference, our on-campus conference that brings students and professionals from all fields together to discuss advertising in the liberal arts. Like Science, Society, and the Arts (SSA) next week, AdLib is 100% a W&L experience, and provides students the fantastic opportunity to network and learn more about professionals in their potential fields. For more information on AdLib check out the conference website.

Tour Guide Spotlight: Katharine Price ’13

24 Jan
Katharine Price '13

Katharine Price ’13

Hometown: Concord, MA

Major(s)/Minor(s): Accounting and Business Administration/Math and Creative Writing

What clubs/activities are you involved in on campus? I play varsity field hockey, I am an Honor Advocate for the Student-Faculty Hearing Board, I am a member of the College Republicans, and I am in Kappa Delta sorority.

How are you involved in the Lexington community? Last year, I tutored at Waddell Elementary School and I plan on returning this winter.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? I like to read and write, and I love to run.  I am currently training for a half-marathon.  I am also a TV junkie – I love to quote funny shows and movies.

Favorite weekend activity? Going to Dairy Queen to get a Blizzard.  Also grabbing brunch with friends or going out and seeing people on Windfall Hill or wherever at night.

Favorite thing about Lexington? I love the way it looks—how it has still maintained its charm and character from historic times.  I also love how we have a bunch of good little sandwich shops, restaurants, and coffee shops to visit.

What’s your favorite W&L memory? I just love the everyday memories. One day in the fall, I had a meeting at the study abroad office to discuss my plans about traveling to France next fall.  When I came out of the CIE building to walk back to the hill, I was completely taken aback by how beautiful the colonnade looked, framed by changing leaves and gorgeous light.  I took about a million pictures on my phone and sent them to all of my family members.  Our campus is so beautiful and so representative of all the history that has happened here—all of the great legends and stories we have.  So I suppose my favorite memory has to do with just going from day to day, being lucky enough to be a student here.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a faculty or staff member? I love to tell the story of how when I first got to W&L as a first-semester freshman, I took an intro to American history course (History 107).  My professor found out I was on the field hockey team and came to almost every single one of my home games.  The following day in class, he would compliment me on a goal I’d scored or ask me a question about a certain call.  I felt so incredibly lucky to be attending a school where the professor of my 100-level course was interested enough in my life to come watch me play.  I have since realized that this is the case with almost every W&L professor – they truly want to build relationships with their students, and it is amazing.


Department Details: Economics

23 Jan
Economics of Social Issues, Environmental Economics, Micro, Macro. You name it, the Econ department at W&L has it!

Economics of Social Issues, Environmental Economics, Micro, Macro. You name it, the Econ department at W&L has it!

Teaching is central to the mission of Washington and Lee. Small classes allow the economics faculty to adopt a conversational style in much of their teaching. Therefore, a Socratic approach to economics instruction is the norm at Washington and Lee. It is common for faculty to assign readings and engage students in conversations about the readings. Classroom discussion of an economic issue typically focuses on understanding of the relevant analytical framework and its implications for policy. This approach is ideal for integrating insights from other disciplines into economic analysis and for developing in students higher order cognitive abilities such as integration and evaluation.Writing as a learning device is a fundamental component of economic education at Washington and Lee. Students are asked regularly to reflect and write. The capstone course for economics majors is organized around a paper documenting a student’s original research as guided by a faculty mentor in the department.

Faculty teach all of the classes offered by the Economics Department at Washington and Lee, and conversations that take place in the classroom often spill over into a professor’s office. Members of the faculty regularly attend conferences aimed at enhancing educational skills from which they bring new teaching insights back to the classroom. The Economics Department also organizes regular seminars where scholars are invited to campus to talk with students and faculty about their research and how new ideas can be integrated into the curriculum at Washington and Lee.

For more about the Economics department, click here.

Department Details: Business Administration

17 Jan
The Business Administration department is located in the C-School

The Business Administration department is located in the C-School

Business Administration is one of the most popular majors at W&L. We offer small classes (usually 16 to 22 students) by professors who are enthusiastic about teaching undergraduate students. Our courses are innovative and experiential, often involving group projects and oral presentations in class. Our professors have “open door” policies and are available to students throughout each day. Quality teaching is unquestionably our highest priority.

Business Administration majors take courses in accounting, economics, statistics, business law, marketing, finance, organizational behavior, and strategic management, as well as electives in these areas. Students interested in finance take such electives as investments, multinational business finance, and cases in corporate finance. Students interested in computers and technology take such electives as management information systems and e-commerce management. We also offer electives in business ethics, human resources management, cross-cultural issues in management, negotiations, entrepreneurship, and marketing communications. Our students enhance their education through summer internships, study abroad, and on-campus contact with prominent business leaders.

After graduation, Business Administration majors pursue careers in investment banking, marketing, advertising, consulting, finance, retailing and manufacturing. Our well-placed network of W&L alumni is used extensively in opening doors for students. After several years of experience, many of our alumni enter MBA and law programs at the finest universities in the country.

Click here for more information about Business Administration at W&L.

Department Details: Accounting

21 Dec

The C-School

The accounting major at W&L  is part of the Williams School (C-School) of Commerce. The program builds on the liberal arts course foundation, increasing analytical and communication skills while providing knowledge necessary to work in any number of business areas. Majors take a combination of accounting, economics, and business administration courses which prepares them for a variety of jobs.

Washington and Lee accounting majors have enjoyed great success in receiving offers of career positions in prestigious firms in recent years. Quite a number move into positions after graduation which come their way as a direct result of internships that they occupied during the summer following their junior or senior years.

About one-third of our graduating seniors are recruited by Big Four accounting firms. Another third go to appointments in prestigious investment and commercial banking firms, such as J. P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, UBS, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. The remaining third follow a variety of paths after graduation, including attending highly regarded law schools or graduate programs in business or accounting.

Click for more information on the Accounting major or the Williams School!

Entrepreneurship Summit

13 Nov

This past weekend W&L’s Venture Club hosted its first ever Entrepreneurship Summit. The Entrepreneurship Program  launched in 2010 has gained significant traction on campus and with our alumni. The program now includes four entrepreneurship courses, a student organization (“Venture Club”), business plan and pitch competitions, spring term and summer internship opportunities, an alumni advisory board, and consulting opportunities. One of the reasons I decided to choose Washington and Lee was due to the University’s interest in entrepreneurship which is unique in most business schools let alone liberal arts colleges!

The Entrepreneurship Summit included multiple panels on the topic of entrepreneurship  marketing and financing ventures as well as legal issues for entrepreneurs. With over twenty different alumni at the summit it was a great chance for the student body to network and discuss entrepreneurship. I had a chance to go to the Networking Reception on Friday which was a great opportunity to get to meet alumni in all kinds of job who like myself have an interest in entrepreneurship. Washington and Lee has a very strong group of alumni who are genuinely interested in getting to know current students and I feel privileged to have so many opportunities to make these connections.