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The power of a tower.

12 Dec

The new Alpine Tower on W&L’s back campus.

How cool is our new Alpine Tower? Click here to read the article and find out more about how the tower is adding to our Campus Recreation, Outing Club, and Leadership Development programs.

CPR Certified

12 Nov

W&L offers tons of opportunities whether it be in the classroom, campus activities, sports or even off campus organizations. Today I took advantage of one of our most popular clubs the Outing Club. I have been a member since my freshman year and I have always really enjoyed it. Whether it is a hike or a midnight ropes course, James Dick (Head of the Outing Club) is a great asset and resource. James Dick taught me in CPR today and now I am certified for the next two years. Not only am I just certified, but I can now be a supervisor for Intramural Sports here at W&L as well. I try to take advantage of as much as possible at school and I advise any one at W&L or any other school to do the same because it really is fun and easy (Especially at W&L!).

Washington Break

16 Feb

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the middle of week six of Winter Term. And it’s even harder to believe how much it feels like spring outside! This gorgeous weather has made it extra difficult to stay inside and focus on midterms and term paper outlines. Nevertheless, Leyburn Library has been the hotspot on campus this week as students study the nights away for those midterms before departing for Washington Break (also known as “Feb Break”). We are very fortunate that George Washington’s 279th birthday falls in the middle of Winter Term, giving us a great reason to celebrate his life and legacy at Washington and Lee with a week off from our busy lives in Lexington. Students are very grateful for this break, whether they need to get ahead on school work, escape the cold weather (that we normally have right now!), interview for summer jobs, or just catch up on sleep. I will be heading home to Texas for some much-needed R & R and as many excuses to eat Tex-Mex with my family that I can get. While many of my friends are heading home, some of my friends are participating in W&L sponsored trips. Nabors Service League is sponsoring a service trip to Birmingham, Alabama, and the Outing Club is sponsoring a sea kayaking trip to Everglades National Park. Whether students and faculty will be in a different state, a different country, or right here in Lexington, all of us will definitely be wishing George a very happy birthday next Tuesday!

Instead of Studying

27 Sep

Last Thursday was one of those nights in which I really needed to get work done. Behind on my reading and a big weekend staring at me there is no place I should have been besides the library.

So naturally I decided to go on a full moon canoe trip down on the James River. This trip was sponsored by the Outing Club here at W&L and was free to students. We left around 730 Thursday evening and made it in the water by 8.  The 24 kayaks and canoes paddled about a mile up the river using the moonlight to guide our way. We then had the opportunity to get out of our boats and could chose to get in the water (my friend and I helped some others on the trip with their choice on whether or not to get wet).  However, I failed to follow the packing list and bring a dry change of clothes so it was a little colder on the way back to campus. We arrived back in Lexington at 1230 tired and ready for bed.

Although I needed to my work done I do not regret the trip one bit. There are few times in my life when I will have the opportunity to do something like that and I am glad I did. I was also happy to see a lot of first-year students on the trip. My first-year I felt that the work load was just too overwhelming to spend a Thursday night on the river, but I have found out that although the first year was tough it only gets worse. So make sure you jump on the opportunities when they arise and try something new.