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Winter Concert

27 Feb
GAB Poster for Dillon Francis this Saturday!

GAB Poster for Dillon Francis this Saturday!

The General’s Activities Board (GAB) is our student-run entertainment organization that is responsible for putting on the major on-campus concerts throughout the year. This Saturday, GAB is hosting Dillon Francis, an electronic/dance musicician who will be playing at the Pavillion for the students and the public. GAB concerts are always a lot of fun, and many up-and-coming names have played here in the past including Girltalk and Wale. There are even a few impromptu Afroman appearances in the middle of the afternoon which have been, well, confusing, but still very fun. The concert this weekend is sure to be a blast for everyone – just one more reason for friends to come visit!

The Flurries Begin!

25 Jan

It’s another Friday at W&L, and another chance for a snow storm! It’s a brisk 21 degrees and the flurries have started.  Everyone around campus is bundled up and bracing for another round of winter weather.  If you are visiting campus today, be on the lookout for some impromptu snowman building along Canaan Green. Campus sure looks beautiful in the snow, but I for one am ready for warm weather again.  Maybe with registration for Spring Term next week, things will start to heat up!

Back At It

10 Jan

The first week back at school is hard strictly because you have to get right back in the swing of things. Needless to say though, I, along with all my peers, have settled in and we are developing our routines. It’s exciting! We all have new classes and right now we have formal recruitment. Although I am a math major and I am taking two math classes, I am able to take different types of classes here because of the liberal arts environment at W&L. I enjoy math, but I think my favorite class this year might be my Shakespeare class. Not only is it a tad bit different then proof based math, but it allows me to be a little more creative. We will see though! Giving a tour this Saturday, looking forward to seeing the new faces!

2013 on our minds…

22 Oct

When I arrived at W&L in September 2009, I thought 2013 was forever away. But just as every upperclassman warned me, my years at W&L would fly by faster than I could ever imagine. Last Thursday, the Registrar released the Winter Term Course Listings in preparation for next week’s undergraduate registration process. I’m always SO excited to see which classes I can take next term, but seeing 2013 at the top of the page definitely threw me for a loop. Seriously, where has the time gone?! Well, at least the Registrar consoles us by allowing seniors to register first!

Winter Term Ending

12 Apr

I can’t believe winter term is almost over.  It seems like only yesterday I was walking to my first spanish class of 2012 and now I am about to take the exam. This was my first winter at W&L and I loved every bit of it (though I wish we had more snow). Spring break is coming fast but that only means spring term is around the corner!  This has been an amazing first year and I am so glad I made the choice to be a General.

Homeward Bound!

17 Dec

I’m sitting in the airport now about to board the plane to get back home. It’s a bittersweet goodbye leaving Lexington. I always hate to leave, but I know I’ll be back in less than a month! I’ll be back in Lexington a bit before classes start to get ready for January rush! I’ll post again upon my arrival back in Lex to tell you more about our rush process. It’s an exciting time! Until then, happy holidays!

First Day Back

10 Jan

Despite a very relaxing three week break, I am SO glad to be back on campus! I really do miss W&L more and more each time I am away from this wonderful place. The first day of a new term is always so exciting with new classes, new professors, new books, and a new weekly schedule. I love seeing who I will cross paths with on campus as I walk to and from classes “on the hill.” All four of my classes this term are in my major and minors’ departments, making each course especially engaging. I have already had my Economics of Education class and 20th Century Art History class today, and I can’t wait for my Congress and psychology classes tomorrow!

But even as exciting as the first day of Winter Term is, I am already having to think way ahead to this summer. Right now I am working on my application for the Shepherd Poverty Program’s summer internship. The internship is eight weeks long, and you apply to three different sites across the US that were selected by the Shepherd program. Every student that I have talked to who has participated in the summer internship has LOVED it and thinks it was one of the most defining and life-changing experiences of his/her college career. I hope I will get the opportunity to have that same unforgettable experience!