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8 Dec

It is so nice being able to schedule your own finals. You have the option to take them all right away and finish or spread them out over the course of a week. Personally, I like finishing them right off the bat so these next few days will be long ones. I have four finals and am planning to take one each day starting today with Ordinary Differential Equations. Fun stuff right there. But the best thing about suffering through the next few days is the feeling you get once you turn in that last exam, which will be The New Testament for me. I can’t wait for that feeling of accomplishment and relief once I am done. Just like all here on campus though, got to get back to studying. Enjoy!

Looking Forward to Winter Break

6 Dec

While exams and the end of the semester are grueling, we all have a wonderful winter break to look forward to. I know I, as well as my friends (and some fellow tour guides), are looking forward to spending some quality time in Charleston, SC together. W&L has given me the opportunity to make a life-long group of friends. We all love to travel together and attend each other’s events! Trips over break have been a great bonding experience, and have created many long-lasting memories. I’m so glad that I have such a tight knit community of friends and peers at W&L to share my ‘in school’ and ‘out of school’ time with.


4 Dec

It is that time of the here again. We are not far removed from Thanksgiving and we are so close to Winter Break and the Holidays. There is only one thing in the way, finals. Yes, students take them at every school and I don’t think anyone of us enjoy them. But, the feeling you get once you finish them all is unbeatable. The weight that is lifted off your shoulders is immense and since we take our finals before break, not all schools do, we have at least three full weeks of time away from school work and the grind of classes. I can’t wait! But for now it is time to buckle done, and finish the semester well so all of the hard work pays off. So let me get back to work, while listening to some Christmas music. Still have to lighten the mood and have some fun here!

Back from break.

26 Nov

At W&L we are very lucky to have a full week off for Thanksgiving Break, but it can often feel like such a tease for the real break that is coming up in a few weeks. It is hard to imagine that I only have two weeks left of my final Fall Term, and that next semester will be my last. These last few weeks seem like no time at all, but I still have quite a few things to get done before I reach Winter Break. It is an exciting time of year in Lexington as the classes wind down and the lights go up on the trees, at least as long as I get these papers done!

And the countdown begins…

11 Nov

Just one more week until Thanksgiving break!  As we head into the final stretch of the fall semester, students all around campus are gearing up to finish as many tests, essays, and assignments as possible before their last class on Friday.  For many students, the chance to relax and rejuvenate at home with friends and family for an entire week is an eagerly-anticipated event – and a much needed one, too.  After we come back from break, December will be right around the corner, and then the end of the semester before we know it!  And thus the countdown begins…