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Back from break.

26 Nov

At W&L we are very lucky to have a full week off for Thanksgiving Break, but it can often feel like such a tease for the real break that is coming up in a few weeks. It is hard to imagine that I only have two weeks left of my final Fall Term, and that next semester will be my last. These last few weeks seem like no time at all, but I still have quite a few things to get done before I reach Winter Break. It is an exciting time of year in Lexington as the classes wind down and the lights go up on the trees, at least as long as I get these papers done!

Buckling Down

15 Oct

Fall foliage in full force

After a restful Reading Days, the undergraduate students are back on campus and gearing up for midterms. It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through October and halfway through the fall semester. Itensity is picking up, whether that be in our coursework or seniors’ preparations for “life after W&L.” Several of my friends have been preparing for medical school and Teach For America interviews, while others await LSAT scores in order to complete their law school applications. But these preparations don’t just apply to seniors. I’ve already heard of sophomores and juniors applying for Spring Term courses and summer internships, so it seems that plenty of people are trying to balance their focus on midterms and future adventures right now. Thankfully, we have Lexington’s foliage to help us take a deep breath, put everything in perspective, and appreciate the beauty of fall in Virginia!


5 Dec

We are officially in the last week of the semester; it is unbelievable how fast this semester in particular has gone!  Exams begin Saturday.  The library has been extra crowded with everyone trying to get a head start on studying.  Exam time makes me realize how much I love our honor system.  I am able to leave all of my books in my chosen carrell and don’t have to lug them back and forth from my house.  I am also able to self-schedule my exams according to when I feel adequately prepared to take them.  This is super convenient since I’ll be driving home for break because I am able to make last limit travel plans.  After a wonderful Christmas Weekend, it’s time to really hit the books!

Home Stretch

27 Nov

It’s nearly December, but the weather in Lexington has been unbelievably warm. It almost feels like early spring rather than late fall. I hope this weather sticks around, because the students are coming back from Thanksgiving break only for two more weeks of classes and a week of final exams. Then the fall term is officially over, and we’ll get to say hello to Christmas break!