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Senior Year Bucket List

22 Oct

Checked the House Mountain Hike off of my Senior Year “Bucket List!” Fall was the perfect time for a hike – the Virginia hills were drop dead gorgeous from the top of the mountain!

Beautiful Day for a Run

25 Oct

Fall is definitely here on campus, and the weather is beautiful! Plenty of students, including myself, have been taking advantage of the great weather to spend time outside. I went on a run this morning on the Woods Creek Trail, which runs right along Woods Creek and through campus. Lexington also has the Chessie Trial, which runs along the Maury River and is a great place to run. Some of my friends also hiked House Mountain this past weekend. House Mountain is right behind campus and the view from the top is incredible. I love all of the opportunities we have to be outside here.

Prepping for the 5k

9 Nov

I am so happy it warmed up after a chilly parents weekend because Theta has a big day coming up – the 5k with Sigma Chi!  My mom has run a few marathons, so I figured I’ve got the genes to cross the finish line at the head of the pack.  I decided I should start prepping for this 3+ mile adventure by going for a little run yesterday.  While the Lexington autumn scenery was GORGEOUS, my run was not looking so good. After giving up and walking the rest of my “run” on the Woods Creek Trail (sorry mom, guess it doesn’t run in the family),  I couldn’t help but think just how lucky I am to go to a school where there are so many outdoor opportunities in such a stunning area.  I’m hoping to get a hike up House Mountain in before Thanksgiving break to get the full affect of the leaves changing color.  Even just sitting on the front porch of my house as the sun is setting over the Shenandoah valley takes my breath away.

As far as my 5k training goes, there has been a slight change in plans.  I’m borrowing the lacrosse coach’s dog.  He will be the perfect excuse as to why I need to walk the race and won’t be seen crossing the finishing line as the champ.  I can’t wait!

Sunrise Hike

4 Apr

This morning at 5 am, fifteen friends and I headed out from campus to hike House Mountain to watch the Easter sunrise. I’ve never hiked before in my life, and one of the things I loved about W&L when I was deciding where I wanted to attend college was the absolutely gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway that Lexington is so perfectly nestled in. After about an hour hike to the summit, the sixteen of us chowed down on some breakfast and eagerly awaited the sun’s debut. Just before 7 am, we all literally had our breaths taken away as we watched the hot pink sun emerge from behind the mountains. It was hands down the coolest way I’ve ever started Easter, let alone any day in general!