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Fall Season

15 Oct

The first few weeks in Lexington bring the renewal of not just a new year at W&L but also the rekindling of friendships, sports, social activities, and an acclamation with weather in the Blue Ridge. Although the month of September maintained the warm and clear skies of Summer, with October has come the true Fall weather that Lexington brings each year – the brisk air, light breeze, occasional rain, and the upcoming winter season. For those students who are used to northern weather, which there are many, the fall and winter months here are of little worry. They are moderate compared to what they are used to. However, new students from the deeper south are often surprised by how quickly the fall comes. They may not enjoy the colder weather, but the beauty of the surrounding landscape definitely makes up for it.

Autumnal Equinox

23 Sep

The weather is starting to get cooler her in Lexington, fall has officially arrived! Fall is my favorite time at W&L and not only a popular time to visit campus, but a beautiful time as well. Reservations are filling up fast, so plan your trip now and come enjoy campus at its best.

Beautiful Day for a Run

25 Oct

Fall is definitely here on campus, and the weather is beautiful! Plenty of students, including myself, have been taking advantage of the great weather to spend time outside. I went on a run this morning on the Woods Creek Trail, which runs right along Woods Creek and through campus. Lexington also has the Chessie Trial, which runs along the Maury River and is a great place to run. Some of my friends also hiked House Mountain this past weekend. House Mountain is right behind campus and the view from the top is incredible. I love all of the opportunities we have to be outside here.

Fall is here!

2 Oct

Fall is here!  Or at least the weather is sure making it seem so.  I stepped outside of my house Saturday to join some of my Fraternity brothers and young alumni (in for the weekend for homecoming) in a game of volleyball only to realize that my t-shirt and shorts were definitely not weather appropriate anymore.  The weather in Rockbridge County took a turn for a cold, to say the least.  Fall in Lexington is one of the most picturesque things in my opinion.  The leaves are changing and if you get to see any of the mountains, they are colored red, yellow, and orange.  Well I can’t say that I’m fully ready for the colder weather; fall is definitely here.

Happy Fall Y’all!

27 Sep

We may already be into the fifth day of fall, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet! With the afternoon highs reaching the upper 70s, my wardrobe choices for Lexington’s crisp, foggy mornings have not suited me well for the toasty, humid afternoons. Of course, I shouldn’t complain since my hometown of Dallas is expected to reach 100 degrees on Thursday–yikes! But until autumn truly rolls into our area, at least we have tomorrow night’s Fall Harvest Dinner to look forward to! As you can see from the link, the menu features incredible cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and desserts from local businesses like the Homestead Creamery. W&L’s Dining Services puts on several themed dinners throughout the year like a Thanksgiving Dinner and a Midnight Breakfast during finals week (featuring omelettes made by professors and all-you-can-eat ice cream!). My friends and I can’t wait to relive the first-year experience and eat at our favorite long tables in the Marketplace (or as we like to call it, “D-Hall”). Hopefully there will be some colorful leaves hanging over Woods Creek to add to the autumn ambience!