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Office Hours

2 Apr

Today, much like any other day of the week here for me at Washington and Lee, I went to office hours. As a math major, this part of my day is crucial to my academic success. Whether I’m working on a weekly problem set or studying for the next big Real Analysis test, my professor, just like any other professor at W&L, is more than accessible and really eager to help. This part of my day is where I can solidify the class lectures and ensure that I understand what we’ve covered. To me, this is one of the major benefits of coming to a small liberal arts college like Washington and Lee. All of our professors here really want us to do well and are certainly willing to lend a hand to make it happen.

Feb Break (a little late…)

2 Apr


I know it’s kind of late to be talking about February break with spring break right around the corner, but I just realized that I never blogged to tell everyone about how awesome it was! I live with 6 girls, and my housemates and I decided to spend the week in Beaver Creek where one of them has a place. A couple other groups of friends from school were out there too, and we all had the best time! Although all of our skiing abilities ranged widely, we managed to leave the mountain with only a few minor falls. We skied, ate yummy food, shopped around the village, visited with friends, spent a day in Vail, and of course, hot-tubbed for far too long. This trip was great to get away from the stresses of midterms and spend time with fun people. Not many schools like W&L get a week off in February, and we definitely made the most of it!

Spring Term

30 Mar

The nice weather finally coming around is a constant reminder of Spring Term. Taking one course for four weeks is not only a good way to become very knowledgeable about that one topic, but also offers a time to get to know Lexington, VA. With time to spend out in the nice weather people often explore the local mountain trails and rivers. Floating down the river is a very common activity during the Spring. With many off campus houses right on the river this is no hard task.

Although many schools have similar short class terms, they are usually in the Winter. W&L offers this short term in the Spring. In my opinion, this is the ideal time to offer such term. It not only allows students to focus on a topic they want, but also gets students to learn more about the surrounding Lexington area. Students take full advantage of this time and Spring Term is many students most favorite thing about their time here. With such a beautiful surrounding landscape, Spring Term is certainly something that makes W&L an enjoyable school for a student to attend.

George and Bob Talks

29 Mar
The first George and Bob talks - this Monday!

The first George and Bob talks – this Monday!

Washington and Lee’s first ever George and Bob Talks will be held this Monday.
Students of POL 265 (Classical Political Philosophy) and POL 266 (Modern Political Philosophy) will each give 6-minute talks that dive into the various meanings and experiences found in a modern liberal arts experience.

Fairly Common

26 Mar

Study abroad at W&L seems more popular than at other schools. I don’t know the reason for this discrepancy but here, going abroad is a fairly common activity. The administration make it easy with a simple checklist that walks you through a possibly much more complicated process. I have found that although going abroad is an amazing experience, the fact that professors are so eager, and so easy to meet with is such an advantage of going to school at W&L. Professors are easy to contact and are more than happy to sit down and talk about any issues you may have. If they cannot help you, then they gladly find you the correct person to go to. The ability to always have someone willing to help is a huge benefit of coming to W&L. It isn’t just the professors either, alumni also love helping students and graduates. The common experiences that students have at W&L bring the student body together. This closeness is created through the love of the history, tradition, honor, and simplicity of the school.

This is why W&L

7 Mar
Image by Steele Burrow '13

Image by Steele Burrow ’13

I was just looking through my Facebook feed when I saw this picture of my friend Freddy snowboarding on the Colonnade. I was immediately struck by the image and couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post it for you all because it combines so much of what I love about W&L. The four seasons and the occasional (much-needed) snow day. The gorgeous campus and the historic Colonnade buildings. Student initiative, seen in a makeshift ramp ski’s to take full advantage of every inch of fleeting snow. The sense of community and the friendships that are on display. The amazing talents of my peers like Steele Burrow, the photographer of this image and the President of our Executive Committee.

In this image I see the past and present of W&L, as well its the endless potential and bright future, and I see what makes this school special. Maybe I am still a bit giddy about a few days off of school, or maybe, although a bit sappy, I am not the only one who feels that way about this image or W&L.


13 Feb
Aerial Dance at SSA

Aerial Dance at SSA

SSA, full name ‘Science, Society, and the Arts’ is our on-campus conference which allows students and faculty to share their various academic projects with the W&L community. this year it will be held March 7th and 8th and classes will be suspended on the 8th so that all students and faculty can attend.

From the SSA Website: Science, Society, and the Arts is a multi-disciplinary conference involving Washington and Lee undergraduates and law students in the presentation of their academic achievements before an audience of their peers and the faculty. Conference participants share their work via oral presentations, traditional academic-conference-style panels, poster sessions, artistic shows, or creative performances. Students, faculty, and staff may also choose to participate in colloquia organized around common readings proposed by interested Washington and Lee community members.