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Bye Bye Birdie!

24 Oct

A promotional shot of the cast off’Bye Bye Birdie’ – opening on campus this weekend!



Dancers Create

6 Dec

I just saw all of the W&L dancers in one of my favorite performances of the year, Dancers Create.  The dances are all student-choreographed and absolutely amazing. I’ve been every year since freshman year and it was crazy what some of the most talented students at W&L came up with tonight, every single dance was kind of unreal.  And it was the perfect study break at such a busy time.  Definitely check it out: http://www.wlu.edu/x54790.xml

The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth!

2 Mar

This Friday marks W&L’s 4th Science, Society, and the Arts (SSA) research conference here on campus. In lieu of regular Friday classes, students and faculty will give presentations, participate on panels, read essays, and perform their own musical compositions and choreographed dances. This full day of the snazziest “show and tell” I’ve ever heard of will run from 8:30am-5pm, and you can probably find just about anything that strikes your academic fancy on the schedule. I’m especially excited to see many of my peers present the material and research that inspired their capstones and senior theses since I will have to create my own sooner than I may realize! SSA is a testament to the Liberal Arts opportunities W&L provides, and how you have the ability to continue your love for dance through a dance minor for example, while majoring in Accounting, Romance Languages, or Psychology. I can’t wait to see how I will be inspired after witnessing my fellow students’ and professors’ hard work!

Spending spring term in the air

6 Feb

We had registration for spring term this past week, and I couldn’t be more excited for this year’s “Maymester.” Because I will be spending my spring term defying gravity. No, this is not some science class about magnetic forces. This spring term the W&L Dance Department is offering an aerial dance course. We will be maximizing our space on stage by climbing strips of fabric, swinging from trapezes, and dancing in harnesses. And we will still be able to enjoy the gorgeous weather May is sure to bring while dancing off the walls of Lenfest (literally). The great thing about a liberal arts education is I’m not even a dance minor. I’m a Politics major who’s a member of the W&L Dance Repertory. Plus, Aerial Dance counts as my Fine Arts Foundation Distribution Requirement (FDR). Spring term can’t come soon enough!

Dance Master Class

23 Oct

As part of the dance company here, we get to take master classes where guest artists from across the country come to show a snapshot of their dance style. As a choreographer, these master classes are very useful because they provide insight into better ways of teaching or inventing new movements. This week, we had a master class by Shaleigh from New York, who taught us about Kinok Structure. It was a mathematically based technique where a routine (let’s go with 8 steps) can be varied in mutiple ways by stretching the movement over different counts. These 8 steps could be danced at the same speed of one count each. Or the first two counts can be rapid and the next six moves take 5 counts each. This is a very simple example, but this idea can make dances that seem simple, extremely complicated and abstract!

W&L Dance Company

29 Sep

The W&L dance company offers so many unique opportunities for dancers. The company hosts frequent master classes, in which guest artists or speakers teach classes, perform, or talk to the company. Yesterday evening we had a particularly unique and helpful speaker. The local physical therapist talked to the dancers about effective ways to wholly heal injuries, and he demonstrated preventive measures to take in order to stay healthy and injury-free. This talk was especially helpful considering the busy schedule of rehearsals we all have been maintaining to learn choreography. I look forward to our next master class!