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This is why W&L

7 Mar
Image by Steele Burrow '13

Image by Steele Burrow ’13

I was just looking through my Facebook feed when I saw this picture of my friend Freddy snowboarding on the Colonnade. I was immediately struck by the image and couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post it for you all because it combines so much of what I love about W&L. The four seasons and the occasional (much-needed) snow day. The gorgeous campus and the historic Colonnade buildings. Student initiative, seen in a makeshift ramp ski’s to take full advantage of every inch of fleeting snow. The sense of community and the friendships that are on display. The amazing talents of my peers like Steele Burrow, the photographer of this image and the President of our Executive Committee.

In this image I see the past and present of W&L, as well its the endless potential and bright future, and I see what makes this school special. Maybe I am still a bit giddy about a few days off of school, or maybe, although a bit sappy, I am not the only one who feels that way about this image or W&L.


Feeling like a kid again!

6 Mar

Feeling like a kid again!

This afternoon when the snowfall started to slow down, some of my sorority sisters and I decided to go out in front of the sorority houses and build a snow man! We had to get pretty creative, using anything we could find in our house for eyes and a mouth, but we think he turned out pretty great!

Snow day!

6 Mar


Holly in Davidson Park

Holly in Davidson Park

The snow started last night and is still going strong today. Some professors have cancelled classes but school remains open – for now. My morning walk with Holly was especially fun today as I let her off leash in Davidson Park, an area of campus that is home to many of our fraternity houses. She loves to pounce around in the snow and dig in the powder so it was a great and adorable way to start this cold and snowy day. I made it through my first class and we turned on the fireplace in the Admissions Office, so now all I need is a cup of hot chocolate!


The Flurries Begin!

25 Jan

It’s another Friday at W&L, and another chance for a snow storm! It’s a brisk 21 degrees and the flurries have started.  Everyone around campus is bundled up and bracing for another round of winter weather.  If you are visiting campus today, be on the lookout for some impromptu snowman building along Canaan Green. Campus sure looks beautiful in the snow, but I for one am ready for warm weather again.  Maybe with registration for Spring Term next week, things will start to heat up!

Defining ‘Beautiful’

18 Jan

ImageUsually, my favorite days to give tours are the days when the sun is radiating directly above campus, reflecting off every building and sidewalk of W&L, and every color on campus is more vivid than even an Instagram effect can mimic.

However, today I discovered a new beautiful.  When the campus is completely covered in a blanket of snow, the contrast of the pure white and the deep mahogany brick enhances the color scheme of this campus even more than the rays of bright sunlight.  Snow outlines and highlights the buildings and the trees, and draws even more attention to everything about this campus that I love.  The sun reflects off every snowflake and creates a breathtaking view everywhere I go on campus, making my day here seem even more picturesque.  The school photographer should be snapping away today, but even he can’t do this beautiful day justice.


Wild Weather!

28 Oct

80 degrees and then snow? We couldn’t believe it when we got to enjoy the beautiful 80 degree weather in the middle of October last week! Now, as hurricane Sandy gets closer to Virginia, snow is in the forecast for this beginning of this week! As our parents pack their bags for this coming Parents’ Weekend they better prepare for all kinds of crazy Lexington weather!

Sunny Day

8 Mar

Snow on Monday and students wearing shorts today! It’s a beautiful 70 degree day in Lexington, I can barely remember the chilly start to this week. This winter has been so mild, I suppose we had a little snow coming to us. On one of my tours I even saw students playing in the snow and building a snowman on the Colonnade lawn. Their creation has long since melted…It looks like the weather will be back to normal for the rest of the season.