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(Valentines) Dinner

15 Feb
The Red Hen - just one of Lexington's many great eateries!

The Red Hen – just one of Lexington’s many great eateries!

It was a gorgeous Valentine’s Day as candy grams were being sent around campus to benefit organizations like Relay for Life and pink and red iced cookies were served at lunch up and down Sorority Row. With one day left (hours really) until February Break, many students took a break from Midterms in order to go on a Valentine’s date.

I spent most of the evening waitressing at The Red Hen where I saw professors, community members, tourists, faculty, law students, and undergrads all out for a romantic evening of farm-to-table deliciousness. My roommate went to The Bistro on Main and other friends headed to Brix and the Sheridan Livery to name a few other local haunts. After I got off of work I met my boyfriend at the Southern Inn for a drink and, of course, dessert.

There is never a shortage of places to eat in Lexington, and a plethora of amazing restaurants nearby. An easy 30 minute ride gets me to great Italian at Emilio’s  in Staunton. A short trip to Roanoke (45 min) ensures a belly full of Bubblecake cupcakes and easy access to Target or Barnes and Noble.  But my favorite drives by far are my Sunday afternoon pilgrimages to Marco and Luca’s Dumpling Shop in Charlottesville, only about an hour away. There is no website, but trust me its amazing.

Blue Sky Bakery

3 Dec

A peak inside of Blue Sky

I am lucky enough to work at one of the local restaurants in Lexington. I work at Blue Sky Bakery, which is a sandwich shop about a block away from campus. The reason I wanted to work there is because I knew I would be seeing familiar faces the whole time! W&L students love Blue Sky sandwiches, salads, and soups so it is always a very popular place for lunch. Not only do they sell sandwiches, they have delicious desserts too! So far I don’t know any secrets that make the students favorites, like the chicken salad and carrot cake, so special but I am sure I will! I would definitely stop by when you are visiting!!

We Scream for Ice Cream!

26 Sep

First SweetFrog brings us froyo, now gelato’s coming to Lex?! A new cafe is opening on Main Street to replace Joyful Spirit and they are serving gelato! It arrives just in time as our favorite seasonal ice cream shack, Pink Hut, prepares to close shop for the winter. Can’t wait to try this new place!

The Little Things

15 Nov

We’re officially in the home stretch for Thanksgiving Break, and these unusually warm temperatures are making me extra excited to head down south to the Lone Star State! But before I start daydreaming of delicious Tex Mex and warm weather too much, I gotta keep my focus. Between writing my two term papers and packing up my suitcase, I will be very busy these next few days. But thankfully I have a few diversions to keep me entertained, like tonight’s event in Lee Chapel. The Contact Committee has brought Frank Abagnale, the Catch Me If You Can con artist, to Lexington! From the number of people I’ve heard raving about his talk, I’m sure the turnout will be great! But I won’t have to wait until 7:30 for a study break because I have a great dinner lined up. My peer counselor hall and I are going to Salerno’s with another peer counselor and his first-year hall for dinner. Salerno’s is one of my favorite places to grab a slice of pizza in Lexington, and getting to enjoy a delicious meal with some of my favorite people will definitely be a treat. It’s the little things like tonight’s dinner, Mr. Abagnale’s speech, and appreciating the vibrant fall leaves all around us that help me get through demanding weeks like this one (and perhaps a chocolate chip cookie or two from Blue Sky Bakery!).

Pizza & Professors

30 Mar

Tonight I stopped by Frank’s Pizza to grab a slice with my friend and ran into a Professor I had met once during an internship interview. After my interview, I emailed him to find out some more information about a course he teaches that I am hoping to take in the fall. Well tonight, he got up from his table to come over and chat with me about registration and wait-lists, somehow remembering my face from the one time we met! Only at W&L do your professors know everyone’s name the first day of class, and professors you hardly know stop to chat over a slice of pizza!

Local Flavor

28 Sep

Even with my busy schedule and my grandparents’ fun-filled Five Star Festival itinerary this past weekend, we were still able to catch up over delicious meals at two of my favorite restaurants here in Lexington. My grandparents were kind enough to treat my friends and me to lunch and dinner on Saturday at the Bistro on Main and The Southern Inn (technically, it’s The Southern Inn II right now). The original Southern Inn caught fire over the summer, but thankfully the restaurant has opened at a temporary location, The Southern Inn II, on East Nelson Street while renovations at the original restaurant on Main Street are underway.

After my grandparents and I visited the recently dedicated Hillel House and sampled their great bagels, we met up at the Bistro on Main with two of my friends for lunch. The Bistro offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, and soups for lunch, as well as delicious dinner options like steak, crab cakes, salmon, and pasta. The Bistro is famous among W&L students for their dinner bread, and my friends and I often beg our waiter to bring us a second plate of it before they run out. Between the scrumptious food and quaint, cozy enivronment right on Main Street, you can’t go wrong with The Bistro!


Following a gorgeous afternoon at the home football game on Wilson Field, we ate at another Lexington favorite, The Southern Inn II. My grandfather and his friends often ate at the Southern Inn on Main Street during their undergrad years, and he brought me to dinner there during my first trip to Lexington back in 2005. The temporary location is about a half-mile from campus, but don’t let the distance deter you from a delicious meal there. The menu is smaller, but it still offers student favorites like spinach-artichoke dip, blackened chicken penne pasta, and the Southern Inn hamburger. Like the Bistro, the Southern Inn II is open for lunch and dinner, and both serve a stellar Sunday brunch.

So if you’re heading to Lexington to tour W&L, don’t miss out on the delicious meals awaiting you at the Bistro on Main and The Southern Inn II! You won’t be disappointed!

(Special thanks to CNN Travel for the photo of Main Street Lexington!)

New Hillel House!

31 Mar

The new Hillel House is being built right now and will open in the fall. One of the things I’m excited about is that inside there will be a kosher cafe (on the meal plan!) which will serve bagels (among other things). Bagels from New York City. Yes, that’s right. Earlier this year I attended a bagel tasting to decide where the Hillel house should get bagels from and the winner is a great New York establishment. As a New Yorker I am very excited about this – finally, really good bagels in Lex!