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George and Bob Talks

29 Mar
The first George and Bob talks - this Monday!

The first George and Bob talks – this Monday!

Washington and Lee’s first ever George and Bob Talks will be held this Monday.
Students of POL 265 (Classical Political Philosophy) and POL 266 (Modern Political Philosophy) will each give 6-minute talks that dive into the various meanings and experiences found in a modern liberal arts experience.

Personalizing the major

26 Feb

It’s that time of year: the time for sophomores to declare an initial major. I was fortunate enough to come into W&L knowing that I wanted to major in journalism. I also knew that I wanted a second major to explore another interest to complement my journalism major.

At the academic fair during orientation week, a professor encouraged me not to rush into choosing a second major. He suggested that I take a variety of classes and find subjects and professors that interest me the most. I took a variety of courses from art history and literature to mathematics and economics during my first year at W&L. This past fall term, I took a course in politics that was very interesting and useful to my study in journalism and taught by a great professor. I decided to take a seminar with the same professor this winter term and I really liked working with her.

Now that I am required to officially declare an initial major in journalism, I have also decided that I want to add politics as a second major. I am fortunate enough to get to work with my politics professor even more as an advisor for my politics major.

Because W&L is such a small school, students get to choose their advisors when they declare their majors. I feel very fortunate that I not only get to create my curriculum around topics that interest me, but that I also get to pick the professors that I get to work with.

Collaborate and listen!

14 Jan

Professor Eastwood (Sociology), myself, and Professor Dickovick (Politics) with the finished textbook!

A few of the greatest aspects about the Washington and Lee experience are the close relationships with professors, the endless opportunities to get involved on campus, and the liberal arts education that provides many ways to learn in order to make the most of your college experience.

This past fall I was able to participate in something that encapsulated all three of those great aspects. Following a summer of research funded by an R.E. Lee Grant, I worked with Professor’s Eastwood and Dickovick on supplementary materials to their recently published textbook. Having the opportunity to work directly with Professor’s who I admire was an invaluable experience that allowed me to really grow as a student. This kind of experience truly encapsulates the endless possibilities that students gain once they enroll at W&L. From Spring Term abroad to Summer Research to Individual Studies, students at W&L get to make their mark and will graduate having had unrivaled experiences.

Click here to read the article about the textbook on the W&L website!



Tour Guide Spotlight: Natasha Lerner ’13

6 Jan
Natasha Lerner '13

Natasha Lerner ’13

Hometown: New York, NY

Major(s)/Minor(s): Global Politics/Womens and Gender Studies & Poverty

What clubs/activities are you involved in on campus? Chi Omega, Student Recruitment Committee, Hillel. I also do Generals Development Initiative, University Big Program, and First Year Orientation Committee.

How are you involved in the Lexington community? I volunteer at Project Horizon, and last year I volunteered at the Lexington Office on Youth.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? Travel, ballet, photography, sky diving, crossword puzzles, the New York Yankees

Favorite weekend activity? Big group dinners with my friends or sorority family.

Favorite thing about Lexington?  The history, tradition, and charm of the town. It is just the right size and has just what a college town needs.

What’s your favorite W&L memory? Signing the honor system orientation week freshmen year. Also, I love giving tours. It was a position I knew I wanted when I was a senior in high school going on college visits and I think it has really affected how I think about the school and my place in it.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a faculty or staff member? Professor Dickovick, who taught me Global Politics is going to be my advisor, really encourages me as both a student and a person. I always feel more confident in my opinions, goals, and potential after talking to him. Even when he was on sabbatical this year he still made time to get lunch with me one day to catch up on how things were going.


Tour Guide Spotlight: Sarah Jessee ’14

2 Jan

Sarah Jessee ’14

Hometown: Roanoke, VA

Major(s)/Minor(s): Politics and Philosophy

What clubs/activities are you involved in on campus? Mock Convention – Public Relations Committee, Fancy Dress Committee, RUF (Reformed University Fellowship), greek life (Kappa Kappa Gamma), and Relay for Life.

How are you involved in the Lexington community? Through public relations with Mock Con and Relay for Life I have had the chance to get involved with the community.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? I played volleyball, swimming, and tennis in high school. I am hoping to go to law school and like to travel.

Favorite weekend activity? Going to lunch or dinner in town with friends. It is a fun way to get away from campus and get to know new friends better.

Favorite thing about Lexington? It’s a small city but everything you need you can walk to. Since the community is so small, it gives a comfortable, homey feel to the city.

What’s your favorite W&L memory? My favorite W&L memory so far is our bid night sleepover. The Cadavers surprised us at the house. It was the first time we had seen the cadavers and it made the night that much more exciting.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a faculty or staff member? Going to office hours with my teachers has really helped me understand the subject better but more importantly it allows me to get to know the teachers, and the teachers to get to know me.


Tour Guide Spotlight: Ali Greenberg ’13

25 Dec
Ali Greenberg '13

Ali Greenberg ’13

Hometown: Blacksburg, VA

Major(s)/Minor(s): Global Politics & Spanish/Poverty & Latin American and Caribbean Studies

What clubs/activities are you involved in on campus? Panhellenic, Admissions Intern, Mock Convention Facilities Chair and Trustee, Volunteer Venture Trip Leader, Kappa Alpha Theta, R.E. Lee Summer Scholar, Research Assistant

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? Traveling and great food with friends.

Favorite weekend activity? Absurdly lazy Sunday’s, brunch included.

Favorite thing about Lexington? Since I live in town and work at a restaurant in town, I truly have become a townie and a part of the community. When I walk my dog to the Colonnade in the morning, I often pass Professors, fellow students, coworkers of mine, or shop owners that I know. Since my family now lives out of the country it is great to be able to call a town like Lexington my home.

What’s your favorite W&L memory? Spring term in Ghana with Koffi and Kwasi, known here as Prof. Dickovick and Prof. Blunch, and Monday night (wing night) office hours at Macado’s.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a faculty or staff member? Anytime I get to hang out with Prof. Dickovick, whether it be during one of the four classes I have taken with him, Spring Term in Ghana, our research work this summer, or helping with his publications this term. Having an advisor who is so invested in each one of his students is an incredible thing and I know that his door is always open if I need, or simply want, to talk about anything.


Tour Guide Spotlight: Camie Carlock ’13

28 Nov

Camie Carlock ’13

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Major(s)/Minor(s): Politics/Art History & Poverty and Human Capability

What clubs/activities are you involved in on campus? I’m Marshal for Kappa Kappa Gamma and a member of the Standards Committee, a Fundraising Chair and Trustee for Mock Convention, Peer Counselor, work study in the Admissions Office, RUF, training for a half marathon with friends.

How are you involved in the Lexington community? I’m on the Higher Education Ministry at RE Lee Memorial Church, and I currently volunteer two hours each week at Woods Creek Montessori School. I hope to become more involved this fall through more volunteer work in general.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? Traveling, running, cooking (learning how to), painting, learning how to be a better friend/person in general, making other people happy!

Favorite weekend activity? Dressing up for themed parties, running the Chessie Trail, relaxing with friends.

Favorite thing about Lexington? It is literally the postcard for quaint, picturesque small town America, and it is so safe and cozy nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

What’s your favorite W&L memory? Tubing down the Maury River with my best friends last Spring Term.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a faculty or staff member? Professor Beckley, head of the Shepherd Poverty Program, is hands down my favorite professor. Last year, I had left the major/minor declaration form in his office, and I stopped by to pick it up. Professor Beckley chatted about my applying for the Shepherd Internship that summer, and then he asked that daunting question, “What do you want to do with your life?” I explained how I’m majoring in Politics and might want to attend Law School, but I also admitted that Law School is my cop-out so it sounds like I have a post-graduation plan. He informed me of Public Policy programs and even dual degree programs with law schools and how that might be the direction I want to steer myself. I was SO relieved to know Politics really is the right major for me, especially hearing it from a faculty member outside of the department. And the best part is, I can incorporate my knowledge and experiences with the Shepherd Poverty Program so that I can continue to do what I love: helping others.