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Something Special

26 Nov

Unlike many schools, Washington and Lee offers a full week off from school for Thanksgiving. The extra two days of Monday and Tuesday allows students to reach home with plenty of time to fully relax and decompress. As students return to campus one usually finds that most simply chose to sleep, eat, and do as little as possible over break. Many used the week off to recharge for the soon to come exam week.

Also differing from many schools, W&L grants students a full week to take all of their exams. There are no pre-set scheduled exam times or arrangements. Each student individually chooses when he or she will take their exams that week. This freedom to choose lessens the stress of a foreboding exam week, even if only slightly.

The ability to choose your own exam schedule is one of the many examples of trust and freedom that the school gives to students.  These opportunities are some of the reasons why W&L is so unique and special. To some people Washington and Lee may be special because of the location of the school amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains or the history and traditions of the school. For others it may be the assurance that the school itself believes its students to be good enough citizens and to not cheat while taking an exam alone. Any number of reasons make this school a unique and special place; you just have to find which one does it for you.

Back from break.

26 Nov

At W&L we are very lucky to have a full week off for Thanksgiving Break, but it can often feel like such a tease for the real break that is coming up in a few weeks. It is hard to imagine that I only have two weeks left of my final Fall Term, and that next semester will be my last. These last few weeks seem like no time at all, but I still have quite a few things to get done before I reach Winter Break. It is an exciting time of year in Lexington as the classes wind down and the lights go up on the trees, at least as long as I get these papers done!

Thanksgiving Break!

16 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving from W&L! After classes end today, I will be hopping on I64 and heading home. Here at Washington and Lee the students and faculty receive an entire week of suspended classes to allow time for everyone to travel and see their families during the Holidays. I think this is extremely considerate of the administration and really makes Thanksgiving special. So, whether you’re staying home or traveling have a safe and happy holiday!

And the countdown begins…

11 Nov

Just one more week until Thanksgiving break!  As we head into the final stretch of the fall semester, students all around campus are gearing up to finish as many tests, essays, and assignments as possible before their last class on Friday.  For many students, the chance to relax and rejuvenate at home with friends and family for an entire week is an eagerly-anticipated event – and a much needed one, too.  After we come back from break, December will be right around the corner, and then the end of the semester before we know it!  And thus the countdown begins…

The Longest Three Weeks…

30 Nov

Now that I have had a taste of home via Thanksgiving, the three weeks standing in between me and Winter Break are going to be potentially the longest three weeks ever.  Its at times like these though, where I feel stressed out from classes, that I am glad that we can self schedule our exams and that the honor system allows for some advantages in exam week.  I have a take home exam, a paper, and a project that can all be done outside of an exam period.  It’s nice to be able to work on things like projects and papers before exam week even starts.  I love take home exams because they feel so much easier as its just nice to work on the exam on my schedule.

Getting Ready for Christmas Weekend!

26 Nov

Although Thanksgiving break has been great, I cannot wait to get back to school!  Next weekend is Christmas weekend at W&L meaning it’s another chance to get dressed up for another Red Square band party.

Can’t wait to get back to school for all of the Christmas festivities!

Thanksgiving Home Stretch

14 Nov

Well we’re officially in the home stretch…to Thanksgiving break! Unlike some schools where you only get one or two days off for the holiday, W&L offers us a full week to head home, relax, eat pounds of delicious food, and gear up for fall term finals in December. But before we can be let loose to enjoy this full week off, plenty of papers need to be turned in and tests must be taken. It sure is nice to have the week-long break ahead to keep us motivated though!