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Planes, trains, and automobiles

19 Mar

Some of the most common questions I get on tours and around the Admissions office are regarding transportation. Trust me, I get it. Lexington seems like it is in the middle of nowhere, but it is actually a lot more connected than you think, and certainly more connected than I expected.

I am writing this post from a train on my way to New York City for an interview (wish me luck!) and this is the fourth such trip I  have made by train. While we don’t have a station in Lexington, there are three relatively close; Charlottesville, Staunton, and Lynchburg. All three are serviced by Amtrak and are all well within an hour and a half away. They can take you pretty much anywhere on the eastern seaboard for a very reasonable fare. Want to go to a concert in D.C.? No problem. Visit a friend in Philly? Sure thing. Get a job in NYC? Again, wish me luck.

As far as flying goes, Roanoke is the closest airport and it connects to most of the major airports in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest. Some students choose to drive to Richmond, about 2 1/2 hours away, where you can find generally find cheaper flights to Texas and the West Coast. When traveling abroad, most leave out of Dulles in D.C. or Charlotte, N.C.

If you prefer to drive, whether for a weekend away or to get home during breaks, Lexington is conveniently located at the crossroads of 64 and 81. Locations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, , Georgia, West Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey are all, generally, less than 8 hours away, with many being far closer.

So while we are definitely not a suitcase campus, there are always ways to get where you need to go!



(Valentines) Dinner

15 Feb
The Red Hen - just one of Lexington's many great eateries!

The Red Hen – just one of Lexington’s many great eateries!

It was a gorgeous Valentine’s Day as candy grams were being sent around campus to benefit organizations like Relay for Life and pink and red iced cookies were served at lunch up and down Sorority Row. With one day left (hours really) until February Break, many students took a break from Midterms in order to go on a Valentine’s date.

I spent most of the evening waitressing at The Red Hen where I saw professors, community members, tourists, faculty, law students, and undergrads all out for a romantic evening of farm-to-table deliciousness. My roommate went to The Bistro on Main and other friends headed to Brix and the Sheridan Livery to name a few other local haunts. After I got off of work I met my boyfriend at the Southern Inn for a drink and, of course, dessert.

There is never a shortage of places to eat in Lexington, and a plethora of amazing restaurants nearby. An easy 30 minute ride gets me to great Italian at Emilio’s  in Staunton. A short trip to Roanoke (45 min) ensures a belly full of Bubblecake cupcakes and easy access to Target or Barnes and Noble.  But my favorite drives by far are my Sunday afternoon pilgrimages to Marco and Luca’s Dumpling Shop in Charlottesville, only about an hour away. There is no website, but trust me its amazing.

Tour Guide Spotlight: Annie Zhang ’13

6 Feb

Annie Zhang ’13

Hometown: Canton, MI

Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics/Philosophy

What clubs/activities are you involved in on campus? Washington and Lee Student Consulting, Honor Advocate for Executive Committee, University Lectures Committee, General Development Initiative, Model United Nations, Economic research with professor, work/study in Office of Special Programs, Student Recruitment Committee

How are you involved in the Lexington community? Through the Poverty Fieldwork Course, my placement was with a local lawyer in town who represents court appointed cases as part of his workload. My experience observing cases and various steps of the process has helped me develop an interest in the implications of poverty on the legal system. I have taken the initiative to speak with the director of the Department of Social Services located in Lexington to pursue a project that would better address the needs of the impoverished part of the community. In addition, through my experience in Washington and Lee Student Consulting, we often work with several local clients to improve their business and contribute to the local economy.

Favorite weekend activity? Get a full ten hours of sleep and enjoy the day with friends. There’s nothing that feels better than relaxing after a hard week of classes, meetings, and various extracurricular activities. The slow pace of the weekend is especially soothing. I also enjoy exploring the town and during spring term, go tubing and hiking.

Favorite thing about Lexington? I never expected to go to college in a rural area but Lexington is the best small town to live in because of its quaint appeal mixed with the active university. I love walking down the streets of Lexington and exploring the many shops. Before I graduate, I want to take a tour of the town by horse carriage that is offered on the weekends. Lexington is full of history and legends that is open to exploration.

What’s your favorite W&L memory? I frequently think of how fortunate I am to be at Washington and Lee because of the many great people I have met and the limitless opportunities that are available. It is really difficult to select a favorite W&L memory but orientation week is definitely a favorite. There is constant excitement and each time, you realize just how much you have become attached to the company and the environment.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a faculty or staff member? One of the reasons why I selected W&L is due to small class sizes and strong professor-student relationships. Although there are many favorable encounters, my very first experience was with my Economics 101 professor. During spring term of my freshmen year, I was applying to various internships in the hopes of finding something substantial to do that summer. I decided to email some of my professor sand express my interest in the topic that I had taken with them. I also emphasized that I wanted to apply what I had learned by helping them with any research projects that they are working on. My economics professor asked me to meet with him and during our conversation, we developed a research project that reflected my interests. He has spent so much time patiently teaching me the intricacies of economics research and topics that I have never encountered before.

The “Souper Bowl”

25 Jan
The Weekend Backpack Program through W&L Campus Kitchens helps many in the community

The Weekend Backpack Program through W&L Campus Kitchens helps many in the community

This Sunday the Campus Kitchens at W&L will be hosting a “Souper Bowl” to benefit its Weekend Backpack Program. The event, which will feature soups from many Lexington restaurants, will help to fund the program which provides backpacks filled with healthy and nutritious food to local children for the weekend. This is just one aspect of the extensive CKWL initiative which is part of the Shepherd Poverty Program. You can learn more about campus kitchens here. Also, check out the Souper Bowl press release here!

Tour Guide Spotlight: Katharine Price ’13

24 Jan
Katharine Price '13

Katharine Price ’13

Hometown: Concord, MA

Major(s)/Minor(s): Accounting and Business Administration/Math and Creative Writing

What clubs/activities are you involved in on campus? I play varsity field hockey, I am an Honor Advocate for the Student-Faculty Hearing Board, I am a member of the College Republicans, and I am in Kappa Delta sorority.

How are you involved in the Lexington community? Last year, I tutored at Waddell Elementary School and I plan on returning this winter.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? I like to read and write, and I love to run.  I am currently training for a half-marathon.  I am also a TV junkie – I love to quote funny shows and movies.

Favorite weekend activity? Going to Dairy Queen to get a Blizzard.  Also grabbing brunch with friends or going out and seeing people on Windfall Hill or wherever at night.

Favorite thing about Lexington? I love the way it looks—how it has still maintained its charm and character from historic times.  I also love how we have a bunch of good little sandwich shops, restaurants, and coffee shops to visit.

What’s your favorite W&L memory? I just love the everyday memories. One day in the fall, I had a meeting at the study abroad office to discuss my plans about traveling to France next fall.  When I came out of the CIE building to walk back to the hill, I was completely taken aback by how beautiful the colonnade looked, framed by changing leaves and gorgeous light.  I took about a million pictures on my phone and sent them to all of my family members.  Our campus is so beautiful and so representative of all the history that has happened here—all of the great legends and stories we have.  So I suppose my favorite memory has to do with just going from day to day, being lucky enough to be a student here.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a faculty or staff member? I love to tell the story of how when I first got to W&L as a first-semester freshman, I took an intro to American history course (History 107).  My professor found out I was on the field hockey team and came to almost every single one of my home games.  The following day in class, he would compliment me on a goal I’d scored or ask me a question about a certain call.  I felt so incredibly lucky to be attending a school where the professor of my 100-level course was interested enough in my life to come watch me play.  I have since realized that this is the case with almost every W&L professor – they truly want to build relationships with their students, and it is amazing.


Tour Guide Spotlight: Leslie Peard ’13

22 Jan
Leslie Peard '13

Leslie Peard ’13

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major(s)/Minor(s): Biochemistry/Math

What clubs/activities are you involved in on campus? I am involved with Career Service’s Internship and Opportunity Initiative program, First-Year Orientation Committee and Kappa Delta Sorority.

How are you involved in the Lexington community? I volunteer regularly at the Rockbridge Free Clinic.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? Baking

Favorite weekend activity? Going on drives with my friends out into the country, especially in the Spring.

Favorite thing about Lexington?  I love that it is so different than Atlanta as such a small town.  It has an ambiance that just makes it such a nice break from the city.  I think it is the perfect place to be for four years.  It also has a foam henge and safari petting zoo within half an hour.

What’s your favorite W&L memory? I would have to say dancing with Cadavers in the Kappa Delta kitchen.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a faculty or staff member? Last Spring Term, after finishing Chem 112, I received a cryptic email from my professor Dr. Pleva telling me that he needed to see me in his office at some point that week.  I of course thought there must be something wrong, but instead he just wanted to chat about chemistry and give me a Chemistry department T-shirt, which of course said “I live for lab.” It was classic.


Tour Guide Spotlight: Natasha Lerner ’13

6 Jan
Natasha Lerner '13

Natasha Lerner ’13

Hometown: New York, NY

Major(s)/Minor(s): Global Politics/Womens and Gender Studies & Poverty

What clubs/activities are you involved in on campus? Chi Omega, Student Recruitment Committee, Hillel. I also do Generals Development Initiative, University Big Program, and First Year Orientation Committee.

How are you involved in the Lexington community? I volunteer at Project Horizon, and last year I volunteered at the Lexington Office on Youth.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? Travel, ballet, photography, sky diving, crossword puzzles, the New York Yankees

Favorite weekend activity? Big group dinners with my friends or sorority family.

Favorite thing about Lexington?  The history, tradition, and charm of the town. It is just the right size and has just what a college town needs.

What’s your favorite W&L memory? Signing the honor system orientation week freshmen year. Also, I love giving tours. It was a position I knew I wanted when I was a senior in high school going on college visits and I think it has really affected how I think about the school and my place in it.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a faculty or staff member? Professor Dickovick, who taught me Global Politics is going to be my advisor, really encourages me as both a student and a person. I always feel more confident in my opinions, goals, and potential after talking to him. Even when he was on sabbatical this year he still made time to get lunch with me one day to catch up on how things were going.