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3 Nov

Let’s be real–oftentimes what you look forward to most in college are those recurring parties which always promise to be fun.  Halloween is no exception! Everyone gets dressed up and goes to one area of off-campus houses where there’s a tent, a band, and pretty much everyone you know.  At W&L sororities dress up according to pledge class–i.e, seniors, juniors, and sophomores all have group costumes.  It’s easy to keep track of everyone! And it’s always funny to see large groups of trolls, teeth, ghostbusters, and pink ladies running around . . . my pledge were wizards! Plenty of spell-casting going on.  Halloween is a great opportunity to let loose, look silly, and try to forget your schoolwork for one night.  And I’ve got to say, W&L knows how to throw a pretty good party.

-Taylor McPherson ’14

Trick-or-treating in Leyburn

31 Oct

My depressing Halloween in the library just got a lot sweeter! An adorable little kid dressed as the red Power Ranger just left  whoppers on the desk next to me. It really is the little things…Happy Halloween!

The Halloween Spirit (and Sandy)

30 Oct

The magnitude of the ‘Frankenstorm’ is well-documented. It’s twice the size of Hurricane Irene, and it’s being compared to the famed ‘Perfect Storm’ years ago. People all across the East Coast have been bracing themselves for the inevitable onslaught, and our little haven is no different. Students are stocking up on batteries, water, and food, and many are wondering how it will affect Halloween.

W&L does Halloween a little differently than other schools. At W&L, Halloween is much less scandalous and  much more festive. Students dress in quirky, weird, funny, ironic, and clever costumes and we celebrate by having a gigantic tent party in a country field and swing dancing the night away. But what about Sandy? Some people think she’s going to try and ruin all the fun! But I don’t think so. If there’s anything I know about W&L and its students, we won’t let a little wind and rain wreck one of the best holidays of the year! We have a deep-seated passion for making the best out of everything, and I’m sure that tomorrow will be no different.


The Halloween Spirit!

26 Oct

Trident Pumpkin!

Feeling in the Halloween spirit? Check out these awesome stencils that you can print out to carve your pumpkins with images of George or Bob or the Trident- the symbol used for our Generals Athletics teams!

Halloween in Lexington

1 Nov

Lexington, VA, may be a small town, but there are definite benefits to living here. Because of the W&L honor system, community members trust students much more so than in other college towns. Downtown Lexington is only a block away from campus, and with that comes great shopping and restaurants. There are also many opportunities to volunteer in the community and get to know the people who call Lexington their home. One of my favorite parts of living in Lexington is Halloween. Every year, the downtown businesses open their doors for a couple of hours in the afternoon to trick-or-treaters. W&L gets involved as well with a small carnival. Handing out candy is a great study break, and the costumes are adorable!

It’s Halloween! (W&L Style)

26 Oct

While the rest of the world may be celebrating Halloween on  Monday the 31st it’s a Washington and Lee tradition to celebrate the Wednesday before.  This is one of the most fun nights at W&L when the entire school flocks out to Windfall hill shows off their creativity.  After much debating, my sorority pledge class has decided to go as construction workers and I’m pretty excited to wear a hard hat.   I am looking forward to seeing all the other pledge class costumes at the band party tonight… some of them sound hilarious!  Students really get excited about dressing up and often plan far in advance what they will be wearing. Hopefully this gorgeous fall weather will continue to hold out!


20 Oct

Halloween at W&L is almost here! Many students will celebrate next Wednesday at the traditional band party on Windfall Hill. Group costumes are common, as often pledge classes and other groups and teams dress up together, but some great individual costumes always make an appearance. It should be a great night, and a fun way beginning to Parent’s Weekend, as well.