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Something Different

5 Nov

This past weekend Washington and Lee hosted Parents and Family Weekend. During this weekend the family members of students come to visit. Although many other schools have such weekends, W&L’s Parents and Family Weekend is a unique experience. Parents attend classes with students, meet with Professors, attend Fraternity and Sorority events, and go out with their kids and friends afterwards to celebrate. This weekend truly offers parents an inside look as to what W&L is like. For those parents who are not alumni, being able to see what makes W&L; W&L is a very enlightening experience. After my first Parents and Family Weekend my parents left feeling amazed at how close the community was. The professors know the students, everyone says hello to one another (thank you speaking tradition), and the overall atmosphere is one of warmth and relaxation. Although the small town of Lexington can feel a bit crowded with the influx of people, the energy is high and everyone is smiling. To me, the best part of Parents and Family Weekend is not only being able to see my family, but also showing them what I am experiencing day in and day out as a student at Washington and Lee.

A 4OT Win for W&L Football!

5 Nov

The field goal that won us the game!

It was such a blast watching the General’s beat Hampden-Sydney in the 4th overtime this past Saturday. The football game was just one part of an amazing Parent’s Weekend that was busy and tiring but totally worth it. I don’t think any studens will be hungry for the next few days after a weekend of dining out with the family (or a friends family) and filling up on hors d’oeuvres at cocktail parties.

Family Dinner

5 Nov

This Parents’ Weekend, my friend Margaret invited our friends’ families to her parents’ cabin for dinner.  Margaret’s dad is a W&L alum and her two older brothers are recent W&L grads, so Parents’ Weekend has been a family tradition  for them for the past 8 years. The five of us girls will be living in an off-campus house together junior and senior years, so we were so excited for our parents to meet each other. We dined on Lexington specialties- Salerno’s pasta and Sweet Treats cupcakes. Yum! Three of our moms, mine included, knew each other at Hollins College, and we listened to  their stories from when W&L was all-male. I feel very fortunate to go to a university where we get to know our friends’ families.

Aron Ralston

29 Oct
Aron Ralston

W&L’s Contact Committee and the Outing Club will be cosponsoring a talk by Aron Ralston on  November 1! Mr. Ralston was the real life inspiration for the movie ‘127 Hours’ with James Franco. The Contact Committee is a student organization that brings prominent speakers on campus.  Last year, Frank Abagnale, Rudy Giuliani, and Adrian Grenier came to speak.  This is just one of the many reasons why W&L is so great.  It is a small school with big resources.  There is so much going on in our little town in Virginia.  Did I mention that all of these speakers are free for the students? Plus, that weekend is Parents Weekend so it is going to be one great week!

Wild Weather!

28 Oct

80 degrees and then snow? We couldn’t believe it when we got to enjoy the beautiful 80 degree weather in the middle of October last week! Now, as hurricane Sandy gets closer to Virginia, snow is in the forecast for this beginning of this week! As our parents pack their bags for this coming Parents’ Weekend they better prepare for all kinds of crazy Lexington weather!

Parents and Family Weekend Diversity Dinner

30 Oct

This weekend Lexington welcomed W&L parents and families, and even slightly cold weather couldn’t spoil the warm atmosphere that parents and families created in our small town. Since I am an international student from Ukraine, my family was unable to visit me. Yet, my friend’s parents kindly adopted me for the weekend 🙂 On Saturday night we all attended the dinner that was organized by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Evans Dining Hall. Besides great people and amazing food, one of the highlights of that event was the cultural fashion show where many international students wore traditional costumes from various countries! I represented Ukraine, so take a look at my traditional dress! Ukrainian traditional costume is no longer worn on any occasions, yet it carries a symbolic value because it reflects rich culture and diverse history of Ukraine.

Parents Weekend SNOW!

29 Oct

Parent’s Weekend is here again, and this year mother nature has given us a surprise…IT’S SNOWING! It started late last night and is still going strong this morning. Although it hasn’t been cold enough for it to be really sticking, there is just enough on the ground for me to make a snowball, and as a South Carolina girl, this is perfect! Thankfully it won’t get in the way of my weekend plans with my mom, which include dinner at bistro, hors de’oeuvres at a friend’s house, and a brunch at the sorority house. And of course, the Palmetto Party, which is a party thrown by the SC alumni for all students from SC and their families. Its a perfect Parent’s Weekend!