Why W&L?

We know that deciding where to spend your four college years is a huge choice, and one that isn’t always easy. We asked our guides why they chose W&L:

I knew I wanted to study in an intimate community with rigorous academics and an unparalleled Honor System. I am also a huge fan of the Speaking Tradition, which I try to uphold each time I pass someone because this tradition is what keeps the friendliness and intimacy of W&L alive. These amazing characteristics about W&L that are discussed in the Admissions Office really do exist and thrive here, and I wanted to be a part of the legacy and impression this small school leaves both on the community and across America. -Camie, ’13

I choose W&L because of the people. No matter whether I am in the classroom, on the soccer field, or roaming the streets of Lexington, it has been the passion and genuine kindness of the people that I met and worked with who have made my experience at W&L a positive one. Never is there a day where I am not both challenged and encouraged by my professors, coaches, and peers to think outside myself and engage in the unique community W&L has to offer. -Emily L. ’12

Once I visited campus I realized I couldn’t see myself anywhere but W&L! -Samantha, ’11

I came to W&L for a million reasons. The campus is beautiful. I love the small class size. I was drawn to the unique schedule, interesting class topics, and renowned professors. I love that tradition is such an integral part of life here. And I think W&L has the perfect balance of unbelievable educational opportunities and a really fun social scene. -Rachel ’13

Because it felt like home. -Lauren ’11

The idyllic, beautiful town. The fact that school is actually challenging here, but not in a negative way. The small size of campus and classes.Mathew ’12

When I visited, I felt so welcomed by everyone on campus. The students were unbelievably friendly and the professors were passionate and engaging. -Lizzie, ’13

I think the student body as a whole is very happy and enjoys it’s time at W&L. I think the size is also fantastic. If everyone around you is happy and loving school, then it generates a great positive atmosphere. -Katie, ’13

When I visited Washington and Lee, I felt more welcome and more at home that I did in my own high school. Every person I met was so unbelievably kind, and I didn’t want to leave. I still talk to the same professors and students who I met during my first visit to campus. -Abbie, ’13

I loved the small student body and friendly campus atmosphere of W&L. I thought the Honor System was something unique that really appealed to me, as was the Shepherd Program. -Shiri, ’12

When I stepped onto the W&L campus and saw how beautiful and seeped in history it was I instantly attracted to the place. What really sealed the deal was the honor code and the sense of community it fostered. -Emily A., ’12

When I came to W&L’s Accepted Students day,it was more personal than any other school I had visited. They had set me up with a specific agenda, a specific folder—they knew who I was, and they cared about me.Katharine, ’13

Right size, right location, perfect town, beautiful campus, good social life, honor system, spring term, politics department, shepherd poverty program, great school!Natasha, ’13

As soon as I set foot on the campus, I felt like I belonged here. -MaryAnne, ’13

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