A Great Final Project

4 Apr

A Great Final Project

For our final project in my “Teaching Elementary Reading”, our class worked together to make summer literacy kits for low-income rising kindergarteners in Rockbridge County. Our kits included alphabet magnets, instructions for parents on how to read to their children and how to teach their children to write their name, books and an audio recording of “The Very Lonely Firefly” by Eric Carle, crayons, scissors, and more! This final project was a little unconventional but it was one of the most rewarding and truly cumulative projects I have participated in thus far at Washington and Lee. We used what we learned during the semester about the different aspects of literacy to decide what to put in the kits and then had the opportunity to apply that knowledge in a way that gave back to our community. Innovative, project-based learning like this occurs all over campus every day and is one of the many reasons why I’m glad I chose W&L.


Feeling like a kid again!

6 Mar

Feeling like a kid again!

This afternoon when the snowfall started to slow down, some of my sorority sisters and I decided to go out in front of the sorority houses and build a snow man! We had to get pretty creative, using anything we could find in our house for eyes and a mouth, but we think he turned out pretty great!


Naturalized Woman Cast

18 Oct


Naturalized Woman cast and crew, with playwright Professor Domnica Radulescu and director Professor Kimberly Jew


Another Beautiful Day

26 Sep

Another Beautiful Day

Soaking up the beautiful 85 degree day by studying on the sorority house porch.


Spy Rock

26 Oct


On Saturday and group of W&L students went up spy rock to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery.