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Taking the classroom back home

17 Feb

One of the perks about W&L is a week off from classes for George Washington’s birthday. It is a much appreciated break from classes and the fraternity house. This Feb Break has also given me the opportunity to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to my hometown of Westfield, New Jersey.

I am learning a lot about communication technology in my Intro to Digital Journalism class. Communicating with audio, for example, requires the ability to interview people and ask questions in a way that forces the subject to give detailed and emotional responses. It requires the ability to write a script for the ear and work with sound technology.

This Feb Break, I was encouraged to highlight a person of interest at home through an audio feature and photo gallery. My subject is the caretaker at the Swim Club where I would lifeguard during the summer. Not only to I get to spend time with the caretaker and see all of the work that he does when I am not at home, but I also get to practice what I have learned at W&L on an off campus subject that matters to me.

My school work hasn’t completely left me during Feb Break, but I have been able to slow things down and take what I have learned back to my home life.

Feb Break (Perfect Timing)

11 Feb

The first half to the semester is coming to an end. This is the 6th week of the term and next week there are no classes due to Feb Break or Washington Break. It is so nice to have the semester split up into two and have a little break right in the middle. It allows each student to just relax and either get away from school, catch up on sleep or shows and even get ahead in some classes. Not only that, but since most other schools have class next week it gives students the chance to visit their friends at other universities when class is in session which is always pretty fun. Overall I must say that I am looking forward to the break, but I have to make it through this week. Midterms and Papers are hanging over us here so let’s get them done.

February Break

17 Feb

February break is a great time for trips with friends. 36 of my nearest and dearest W&L buds have descended upon Birmingham for a debutante ball. Two of my roommates have invited all of us for their special event. It’s sure to be fun. In general, my friends and I don’t travel in small groups. We are all so close that we can’t bear to be separated. I think the friendships I have made at W&L are truly unique. We have had great experiences together all over the country. I have no doubt that this will continue well after we graduate.