Recruitment Week

21 Jan

The first week back to W&L is formal sorority and fraternity recruitment. It’s a busy few days, but also a lot of fun. As a sorority member, I spent the week with my sisters getting the house ready for nightly recruitment parties and becoming more and more excited about welcoming a new pledge class.

Prior to coming to W&L, I never saw myself as a “sorority girl.” However, after my first month on campus, I realized that Greek life here wasn’t just a superficial extension of high school cliques, as it is often stereotyped to be. Instead, I saw the opportunity to join another network of likeminded women who cared about forming bonds with one another and making a difference in the community.

Three years after my own recruitment week as a first-year, I can look back and fondly recall all of the memories I have of my time as both a sorority member and a W&L student. I’m glad to have had the chance to be a part of these two communities and am looking forward to making the best of my last couple months as a student!


– Olivia Davis ‘14

Rush Week!

20 Jan

I won’t deny that rush week is a pretty stress-filled time, but it also can be a TON of fun! There is a lot singing, dancing, and performing to prepare for the three nights of rush week. It is fun to see everyone let loose and travel back to 5th grade when making up dances was, at least for me, always a favorite “play date” activity. What I also love about rush week is that it is a time to get to know girls in your sorority that you may not be as close with. Last year, when the whole sorority was brought together to practice singing rush songs, I happened to sit down next to a girl I had never met before (I didn’t even know what grade she was in!)  Just in the few minutes that we sat together, though, we became instant friends and are still close to this day! The time spent preparing for and during rush week is all worth it on bid night when the freshman come running to the sorority houses to be met with open arms by their new sorority members. It is always an exciting moment shared with lots of smiles! 

Here, a close friend and I have just received our bids and are getting ready to head on over to be greeted by our new sorority members! 



Bid Day!

19 Jan

Sorority Recruitment is a completely exhausting process for everyone involved, but especially so for those of us on the recruitment team. It’s completely worth it, though, when the week is over and it’s BID DAY! We have our sophomores go greet and pick up the new freshmen right by the quad, and then they come back to the house to eat, hang out, and have a sleepover! (Hey, you can still have sleepovers in college). We upperclassmen stay behind and go out on the porch of the house to serenade (read: shout) them with one of our favorite ADPi songs, “Deep in My Heart.” It’s fun even if it’s cold outside but seeing everyone look so excited is great! The initial moments are, of course, people frantically taking pictures and hugging–I remember it fondly from my freshman year but now, as I know less people in the new pledge class, it’s just as fun to hang back and see how excited everyone is.

Bid Day makes all the hard work worth it, and my sorority is one of the things that has made my W&L experience the best! My friends and I were of course not immune to taking pictures so here we are “throwing diamonds,” the ADPi gang sign.

Posing with some of my closest friends!

Posing with some of my closest friends!

-Taylor McPherson ’14

Christmas Came Early!

17 Nov

Due to some funky scheduling, we celebrated Christmas this weekend at W&L! Even though it’s technically not even Thanksgiving yet, I didn’t hear any complaints. Everyone got in the Christmas spirit for cocktail parties and nice dinners. It seems like there’s a big event going on just about every weekend, and Christmas is definitely one of my favorites. It definitely helps to have exciting weekends to keep us motivated and on the study grind during the week. Most fraternity houses do it big with the decorations–there’s a picture of mine.



17 Nov

Christmas Weekend came early to W&L, so some of my friends and I decided to celebrate the closer upcoming holiday, Thanksgiving! Everyone brought a dish or an appetizer and we got to stuff ourselves on Thanksgiving dinner #1.  My friend Audrey (left in the photo) cooked TWO turkeys and they were both delicious.  Everything else was awesome too but I was very proud of my mac and cheese.  It was fun to get dressed up, hang out with some friends in different sororities, and have a glass of wine or two.  This was one instance where it’s really great to have off-campus houses for baking and party purposes! After Friendsgiving we got to go out and enjoy Christmas weekend too, so it was really a win-win situation and a fun way to start the week before we have to buckle down and start studying for finals!


(Audrey and I being festive!)

-Taylor McPherson ’14

Missing my “Abroad Life”

17 Nov

At many points during this semester, my mind has wandered to a faraway place where I studied abroad last year this time: ROME. It was the most amazing experience and if I could do it all over again, I would. I’d describe my study abroad experience as one big adventure. My weekends were spent traveling across Italy and to other countries in Europe as my weekdays consisted of classes and exploring all the amazing spots Rome has to offer! As an art history minor, I was able to fully embrace the art center that Rome is in two art history classes that I took during my time at John Cabot University. These classes were not your typical class, either-they were “on site” classes meaning the class would be conducted either at a monument, church, or museum in order to learn about the art while being surrounded by it. I am currently taking two art history classes now, and it really just isn’t the same learning about art pieces while they are projected onto a giant screen in the classroom. This was one of the many highlights of my abroad life that I miss so much! Along with the amazing food, of course…

This is a picture I took standing on top of Gianicolo Hill, one of my favorite spots in Rome. A little off the beaten track, this hill was about a ten minute walk from where I lived. Up a steep hill and about 100 steps takes you to this hill overlooking all of Roma. Bella, no?Image 




Life After W&L

17 Nov

As the fall term of my senior year comes to an end, the reality of entering the next phase in life is starting to hit me. The Career Center at W&L has been a useful resource in helping me figure out what to do after I graduate. We receive weekly emails with various job and internship opportunities available.

Additionally, W&L has its own version of LinkedIn called Colonnade Connections where current students and alumni can network. Students also have lots of chances to meet with alumni in person through events on campus, such as the Journalism and Mass Communications Ethics Institutes in the fall and winter terms.

Even though it all seems a bit overwhelming to think about going into “the real world,” I’m grateful for the resources I have at W&L to make the transition smoother along every step of the way.


– Olivia Davis ’14