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Fancy Dress

19 Mar
Fancy Dress this Saturday

Fancy Dress this Saturday


Winter Concert

27 Feb
GAB Poster for Dillon Francis this Saturday!

GAB Poster for Dillon Francis this Saturday!

The General’s Activities Board (GAB) is our student-run entertainment organization that is responsible for putting on the major on-campus concerts throughout the year. This Saturday, GAB is hosting Dillon Francis, an electronic/dance musicician who will be playing at the Pavillion for the students and the public. GAB concerts are always a lot of fun, and many up-and-coming names have played here in the past including Girltalk and Wale. There are even a few impromptu Afroman appearances in the middle of the afternoon which have been, well, confusing, but still very fun. The concert this weekend is sure to be a blast for everyone – just one more reason for friends to come visit!

(Valentines) Dinner

15 Feb
The Red Hen - just one of Lexington's many great eateries!

The Red Hen – just one of Lexington’s many great eateries!

It was a gorgeous Valentine’s Day as candy grams were being sent around campus to benefit organizations like Relay for Life and pink and red iced cookies were served at lunch up and down Sorority Row. With one day left (hours really) until February Break, many students took a break from Midterms in order to go on a Valentine’s date.

I spent most of the evening waitressing at The Red Hen where I saw professors, community members, tourists, faculty, law students, and undergrads all out for a romantic evening of farm-to-table deliciousness. My roommate went to The Bistro on Main and other friends headed to Brix and the Sheridan Livery to name a few other local haunts. After I got off of work I met my boyfriend at the Southern Inn for a drink and, of course, dessert.

There is never a shortage of places to eat in Lexington, and a plethora of amazing restaurants nearby. An easy 30 minute ride gets me to great Italian at Emilio’s  in Staunton. A short trip to Roanoke (45 min) ensures a belly full of Bubblecake cupcakes and easy access to Target or Barnes and Noble.  But my favorite drives by far are my Sunday afternoon pilgrimages to Marco and Luca’s Dumpling Shop in Charlottesville, only about an hour away. There is no website, but trust me its amazing.

Greek Member Development

10 Jan

Both men and women on campus are this week going through formal rush, at the end of which each fraternity and sorority will have new members.  This week is a good opportunity to briefly highlight my experience as a fraternity man in order to demonstrate how W&L’s Greek culture can be a tremendous boon to our students.

One of the biggest benefits of being a member of my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, has been our four-year development program, which is based in the philosophy of “sound mind, sound body” and which replaces pledging in our chapter.  Since I have been a brother we have had numerous dinner lectures by professors, athletic opportunities, and so on.  I was recently named a finalist for our Tragos Quest to Greece, a ten day mental and physical challenge with brothers from across the country this summer.  In addition to these specific development opportunities, my GPA has increased significantly since I’ve had the support of a fraternity for my academic work.

Most people considering W&L definitely know that we have a strong Greek system, but many are unaware of the many benefits that can come from membership.  In addition to having found the best friends of my life, I have benefited from all the development activities mentioned above and more.  The Greek community is excited for our new members this year, and for future classes of new members in the years to come.

The Halloween Spirit (and Sandy)

30 Oct

The magnitude of the ‘Frankenstorm’ is well-documented. It’s twice the size of Hurricane Irene, and it’s being compared to the famed ‘Perfect Storm’ years ago. People all across the East Coast have been bracing themselves for the inevitable onslaught, and our little haven is no different. Students are stocking up on batteries, water, and food, and many are wondering how it will affect Halloween.

W&L does Halloween a little differently than other schools. At W&L, Halloween is much less scandalous and  much more festive. Students dress in quirky, weird, funny, ironic, and clever costumes and we celebrate by having a gigantic tent party in a country field and swing dancing the night away. But what about Sandy? Some people think she’s going to try and ruin all the fun! But I don’t think so. If there’s anything I know about W&L and its students, we won’t let a little wind and rain wreck one of the best holidays of the year! We have a deep-seated passion for making the best out of everything, and I’m sure that tomorrow will be no different.


Living Off Campus

27 Sep

I absolutely love that students are encouraged to live off campus their Junior and Senior years.  This may mean that if on that sleepy day I don’t wake up to my alarm, I can’t spring to class and make it on time, but the short drive from my house to school is scenic and just long enough to listen to an upbeat song to start the day right. Since the beginning of this school year, my housemates and I have had 3 successful and delicious dinner parties, and plan on having many more.  Living in a house we call our own provides a place for friends to come over and cook delicious meals, watch new hysterical TV episodes, and just catch up about life.  I love coming home from a long day of classes and chatting with friends on my porch that overlooks the Maury River.  There are different benefits of the living arrangements every year at W&L, but having my own beautiful house in lovely Lexington might be my favorite living arrangement yet.

We Scream for Ice Cream!

26 Sep

First SweetFrog brings us froyo, now gelato’s coming to Lex?! A new cafe is opening on Main Street to replace Joyful Spirit and they are serving gelato! It arrives just in time as our favorite seasonal ice cream shack, Pink Hut, prepares to close shop for the winter. Can’t wait to try this new place!