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Feb Break (a little late…)

2 Apr


I know it’s kind of late to be talking about February break with spring break right around the corner, but I just realized that I never blogged to tell everyone about how awesome it was! I live with 6 girls, and my housemates and I decided to spend the week in Beaver Creek where one of them has a place. A couple other groups of friends from school were out there too, and we all had the best time! Although all of our skiing abilities ranged widely, we managed to leave the mountain with only a few minor falls. We skied, ate yummy food, shopped around the village, visited with friends, spent a day in Vail, and of course, hot-tubbed for far too long. This trip was great to get away from the stresses of midterms and spend time with fun people. Not many schools like W&L get a week off in February, and we definitely made the most of it!

On the road

4 Mar
The Mall

The Mall

7:15AM Saturday, March 2nd: Weary and tired travellers board the buses to Washington, D.C. for the annual Art History field trip. I happened to be part of a Latin American Caribbean Studies capstone course that was hitching a ride with the Art department. While other courses headed into the National Gallery or the Hirshorn, our contingent went to the Art Museum of the Americas to take in a quaint but great little exhibit on Dominican and Haitian art. Afterwards we went to Oyamel, a great Mexican restaurant by the mall and had lunch as a class. We sampled gourmet tacos and dipped churros in chocolate while we discussed what we had seen that day and how we can relate our D.C. trip to our capstone papers. Unique opportunities like these field trips make up the essential fibers of the W&L experience –  allowing us the chance to learn holistically and truly get to know our professors.


Winter Concert

27 Feb
GAB Poster for Dillon Francis this Saturday!

GAB Poster for Dillon Francis this Saturday!

The General’s Activities Board (GAB) is our student-run entertainment organization that is responsible for putting on the major on-campus concerts throughout the year. This Saturday, GAB is hosting Dillon Francis, an electronic/dance musicician who will be playing at the Pavillion for the students and the public. GAB concerts are always a lot of fun, and many up-and-coming names have played here in the past including Girltalk and Wale. There are even a few impromptu Afroman appearances in the middle of the afternoon which have been, well, confusing, but still very fun. The concert this weekend is sure to be a blast for everyone – just one more reason for friends to come visit!

Taking the classroom back home

17 Feb

One of the perks about W&L is a week off from classes for George Washington’s birthday. It is a much appreciated break from classes and the fraternity house. This Feb Break has also given me the opportunity to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to my hometown of Westfield, New Jersey.

I am learning a lot about communication technology in my Intro to Digital Journalism class. Communicating with audio, for example, requires the ability to interview people and ask questions in a way that forces the subject to give detailed and emotional responses. It requires the ability to write a script for the ear and work with sound technology.

This Feb Break, I was encouraged to highlight a person of interest at home through an audio feature and photo gallery. My subject is the caretaker at the Swim Club where I would lifeguard during the summer. Not only to I get to spend time with the caretaker and see all of the work that he does when I am not at home, but I also get to practice what I have learned at W&L on an off campus subject that matters to me.

My school work hasn’t completely left me during Feb Break, but I have been able to slow things down and take what I have learned back to my home life.

(Valentines) Dinner

15 Feb
The Red Hen - just one of Lexington's many great eateries!

The Red Hen – just one of Lexington’s many great eateries!

It was a gorgeous Valentine’s Day as candy grams were being sent around campus to benefit organizations like Relay for Life and pink and red iced cookies were served at lunch up and down Sorority Row. With one day left (hours really) until February Break, many students took a break from Midterms in order to go on a Valentine’s date.

I spent most of the evening waitressing at The Red Hen where I saw professors, community members, tourists, faculty, law students, and undergrads all out for a romantic evening of farm-to-table deliciousness. My roommate went to The Bistro on Main and other friends headed to Brix and the Sheridan Livery to name a few other local haunts. After I got off of work I met my boyfriend at the Southern Inn for a drink and, of course, dessert.

There is never a shortage of places to eat in Lexington, and a plethora of amazing restaurants nearby. An easy 30 minute ride gets me to great Italian at Emilio’s  in Staunton. A short trip to Roanoke (45 min) ensures a belly full of Bubblecake cupcakes and easy access to Target or Barnes and Noble.  But my favorite drives by far are my Sunday afternoon pilgrimages to Marco and Luca’s Dumpling Shop in Charlottesville, only about an hour away. There is no website, but trust me its amazing.

The Alumni Network: one of W&L’s greatest assets

9 Jan

One of my favorite parts about W&L is its incredible alumni network. I have really become aware of the importance of this network during my internship hunt this year and last.

W&L’s “Colonnade Connections” allows a student to enter the name of an organization and have access to the names and contact information of alumni working there. I have contacted alumni through this site many times, either to ask them for advice, more information about their careers, or job opportunities. In each case, the alumnus has gotten back to me quickly, answering my questions and offering to speak with me in more depth. Last summer, I was hired by a W&L alumnus for an internship in New York City, an incredible opportunity that I may not have had otherwise.

When I graduate, I hope to help students the same way so many alums have helped me. The alumni network— just another one of W&L’s many wonderful traditions that makes student life that much better.

Looking Forward to Winter Break

6 Dec

While exams and the end of the semester are grueling, we all have a wonderful winter break to look forward to. I know I, as well as my friends (and some fellow tour guides), are looking forward to spending some quality time in Charleston, SC together. W&L has given me the opportunity to make a life-long group of friends. We all love to travel together and attend each other’s events! Trips over break have been a great bonding experience, and have created many long-lasting memories. I’m so glad that I have such a tight knit community of friends and peers at W&L to share my ‘in school’ and ‘out of school’ time with.