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George and Bob Talks

29 Mar
The first George and Bob talks - this Monday!

The first George and Bob talks – this Monday!

Washington and Lee’s first ever George and Bob Talks will be held this Monday.
Students of POL 265 (Classical Political Philosophy) and POL 266 (Modern Political Philosophy) will each give 6-minute talks that dive into the various meanings and experiences found in a modern liberal arts experience.

On the road

4 Mar
The Mall

The Mall

7:15AM Saturday, March 2nd: Weary and tired travellers board the buses to Washington, D.C. for the annual Art History field trip. I happened to be part of a Latin American Caribbean Studies capstone course that was hitching a ride with the Art department. While other courses headed into the National Gallery or the Hirshorn, our contingent went to the Art Museum of the Americas to take in a quaint but great little exhibit on Dominican and Haitian art. Afterwards we went to Oyamel, a great Mexican restaurant by the mall and had lunch as a class. We sampled gourmet tacos and dipped churros in chocolate while we discussed what we had seen that day and how we can relate our D.C. trip to our capstone papers. Unique opportunities like these field trips make up the essential fibers of the W&L experience –  allowing us the chance to learn holistically and truly get to know our professors.



27 Feb
AdLib this week!

AdLib this week!

This week plays host to the AdLib conference, our on-campus conference that brings students and professionals from all fields together to discuss advertising in the liberal arts. Like Science, Society, and the Arts (SSA) next week, AdLib is 100% a W&L experience, and provides students the fantastic opportunity to network and learn more about professionals in their potential fields. For more information on AdLib check out the conference website.

Taking the classroom back home

17 Feb

One of the perks about W&L is a week off from classes for George Washington’s birthday. It is a much appreciated break from classes and the fraternity house. This Feb Break has also given me the opportunity to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to my hometown of Westfield, New Jersey.

I am learning a lot about communication technology in my Intro to Digital Journalism class. Communicating with audio, for example, requires the ability to interview people and ask questions in a way that forces the subject to give detailed and emotional responses. It requires the ability to write a script for the ear and work with sound technology.

This Feb Break, I was encouraged to highlight a person of interest at home through an audio feature and photo gallery. My subject is the caretaker at the Swim Club where I would lifeguard during the summer. Not only to I get to spend time with the caretaker and see all of the work that he does when I am not at home, but I also get to practice what I have learned at W&L on an off campus subject that matters to me.

My school work hasn’t completely left me during Feb Break, but I have been able to slow things down and take what I have learned back to my home life.


13 Feb
Aerial Dance at SSA

Aerial Dance at SSA

SSA, full name ‘Science, Society, and the Arts’ is our on-campus conference which allows students and faculty to share their various academic projects with the W&L community. this year it will be held March 7th and 8th and classes will be suspended on the 8th so that all students and faculty can attend.

From the SSA Website: Science, Society, and the Arts is a multi-disciplinary conference involving Washington and Lee undergraduates and law students in the presentation of their academic achievements before an audience of their peers and the faculty. Conference participants share their work via oral presentations, traditional academic-conference-style panels, poster sessions, artistic shows, or creative performances. Students, faculty, and staff may also choose to participate in colloquia organized around common readings proposed by interested Washington and Lee community members.

Department Details: Journalism and Mass Communications

11 Feb
Our studio at W&L

Our studio at W&L

As the nation’s only accredited journalism and mass communications program in a highly competitive liberal arts university, we remain committed to our first and highest mission: to educate, to broaden minds, to inculcate habits of honor, careful analysis, reasoned discourse and excellent writing in an increasingly diverse and pluralistic culture.

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communications is among the largest programs at Washington and Lee. The department faculty believe journalism is the ideal liberal arts major, combining a deep grounding in the liberal arts and sciences with solid experience in research, analysis and clear communication. Its majors have an excellent reputation throughout the news industry, in the law and in advertising and public relations.

Since the total renovation of the department’s building, Reid Hall, students and faculty have worked in an environment perfectly designed for the convergence that is sweeping the professional media world. The W&L journalism program had been among the first in the nation to fully computerize all reporting and editing classes, and now it is among the first to create totally digital classroom and laboratory systems.

All students must have at least one internship, perhaps the most important criterion for a job in journalism. That experience and the demanding professional courses they take mean that journalism majors are well positioned for excellent jobs upon graduation and rapid advancement.

As graduates, they have been highly successful professionally as journalists and lawyers, in advertising and public relations, and in a wide variety of other communications-related fields. They are valued in virtually any field for their ability to gather information and present it compellingly, with precision and clarity, in any medium.

For more information about our Journalism and Mass Communcations Department, click here.

Department Details: Environmental Studies

3 Feb
Who wouldn't want to protect this gorgeous view?!

Who wouldn’t want to protect this gorgeous Rockbridge County view?!

The Environmental Studies major and interdisciplinary minor require an understanding of the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. These programs are designed to educate students in a broad class of issues related to the environment and humanity’s place in the natural world.

Students employ this interdisciplinary approach to develop a comprehensive understanding of the causes, consequences, and solutions to environmental problems. Experiential learning opportunities are available through service learning courses, the US/Brazil exchange program, the Chesapeake Bay program and the spring semester abroad.

At Washington and Lee, we take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the environment. Faculty and students from the sciences, the humanities, the social sciences, and law are involved in this approach through research, the curriculum, and a variety of co-curricular activities, including numerous public lectures, service learning projects, monthly luncheon seminars, as well as outdoor activities.

The program curriculum allows students to develop interdisciplinary expertise and an understanding of how insights from different disciplines complement each other. This is not only a unique academic experience, but also one that expands the students’ ability as citizens to be aware of the scientific, ethical, and policy issues they will face in their local communities, their professions and in their broader world community.

For more information on the Environmental Studies department, click here.