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Chick-Fil-A Lovers

2 Apr

ImageFor those of you that are Chick-Fil-A connoisseurs like myself and are thinking that you can never come to a college without Chick-Fil-A at your finger tips, have no fear. I am living proof that it can be done! My house and I have discovered that the nearest Chick-Fil-A, while many are under the impression that it is in Roanoke, is only about 35 minutes away in Waynesboro, VA. This is a healthy distance for me and my obsession, and we often make quick trips as a group to get our fix (I highly recommend getting a platter to save for later…). What about if you don’t have a car? More than a few times each semester some clubs and organizations on campus will offer Chick-Fil-A in the Commons! Although you don’t have to drive to satisfy your craving, you might want to get there early before it runs out! 

(Valentines) Dinner

15 Feb
The Red Hen - just one of Lexington's many great eateries!

The Red Hen – just one of Lexington’s many great eateries!

It was a gorgeous Valentine’s Day as candy grams were being sent around campus to benefit organizations like Relay for Life and pink and red iced cookies were served at lunch up and down Sorority Row. With one day left (hours really) until February Break, many students took a break from Midterms in order to go on a Valentine’s date.

I spent most of the evening waitressing at The Red Hen where I saw professors, community members, tourists, faculty, law students, and undergrads all out for a romantic evening of farm-to-table deliciousness. My roommate went to The Bistro on Main and other friends headed to Brix and the Sheridan Livery to name a few other local haunts. After I got off of work I met my boyfriend at the Southern Inn for a drink and, of course, dessert.

There is never a shortage of places to eat in Lexington, and a plethora of amazing restaurants nearby. An easy 30 minute ride gets me to great Italian at Emilio’s  in Staunton. A short trip to Roanoke (45 min) ensures a belly full of Bubblecake cupcakes and easy access to Target or Barnes and Noble.  But my favorite drives by far are my Sunday afternoon pilgrimages to Marco and Luca’s Dumpling Shop in Charlottesville, only about an hour away. There is no website, but trust me its amazing.

How to survive exams!

6 Dec

As we finish up the last two days of classes, students at Washington and Lee enter the most grueling part of the semester: Finals. Although we are lucky enough to have the ability to schedule our exams (thank you, Honor System), exams are still the most stressful time of the year for most students. Some students take all their finals in the first few days of exam week and get home as soon as possible, while others spread out their exams as much as possible for study time and stay until the very last day. No matter your personal strategy for exam taking, there are a few undisputed ways to survive exams at W&L. In my opinion, there are two ways to survive exams at W&L:

1. Utilize the free coffee in the Co-op and in Leyburn: Since Lexington Coffee Shop is my favorite place in Lexington; you might understand why I appreciate free coffee. My roommate and I started the LexCo tradition early in the semester. It wasn’t long before our weekly trip turned into an addiction satisfied several times a week. The free coffee during exams reduced my expensive trips to LexCo and allowed me to have at least three or four cups of coffee a day, which is only truly acceptable during finals.

2Go to the midnight breakfast in D-hall: There are some dinners, which usually include grilled chicken, broccoli, and macaroni and cheese, which go above and beyond expectations. Thanksgiving dinner is the most delectable meal at d-hall, second to the Harvest Dinner before Thanksgiving. Still, the midnight breakfast was by far the best meal of the entire semester. The dining hall was full of upperclassmen and freshmen all using this study break to stress eat. It’s so worth it.

On the positive side, there are a few things about exams that make them almost fun, in the slightest ways. For me, these things include the excuse to use highlighters, legal pads, post-it notes, and staplers excessively. My appreciation for office supplies and organization thrives during exams. After a few sleepless nights and dozens of cups of coffee, I will be sure to survive another set of exams at Washington and Lee.

Blue Sky Bakery

3 Dec

A peak inside of Blue Sky

I am lucky enough to work at one of the local restaurants in Lexington. I work at Blue Sky Bakery, which is a sandwich shop about a block away from campus. The reason I wanted to work there is because I knew I would be seeing familiar faces the whole time! W&L students love Blue Sky sandwiches, salads, and soups so it is always a very popular place for lunch. Not only do they sell sandwiches, they have delicious desserts too! So far I don’t know any secrets that make the students favorites, like the chicken salad and carrot cake, so special but I am sure I will! I would definitely stop by when you are visiting!!

Food for Thought

13 Nov

This afternoon I ate one of my favorite meals, tacos, for lunch at my fraternity.  This seems like a little thing, but it got me thinking about the experience of eating here.  It comes down to a lot more than just sitting, eating, and leaving.

Our fraternity chef, Hilary, does a lot more than make our food.  Our brothers have enjoyed getting to know her over the years she has been with us.  When our brother Keith starred in “Bye Bye Birdie,” she asked us for a ticket so she could be sure not to miss it.  Hilary is wonderful to have around the house and all her recipes are delicious too.

I don’t generally eat on campus anymore, except from vending machines, but what I miss most is the ladies who work at the co-op.  I saw them so often last year that they knew my evening snack order by heart (ginger ale and breadsticks) and a lot of other things about me.  I really believe there aren’t many schools where students have any kind of relationship with important people like the ones who serve our food, so I am glad I was able to be here and get to know many of the co-op ladies by name as well as know other things about their lives.

There are so many great places to eat in town too, but I’m perfectly happy to have my fraternity tacos, visit my co-op ladies, or stop by the vending machines in the library for some Swedish fish.  W&L is just such a great place to be!

A 4OT Win for W&L Football!

5 Nov

The field goal that won us the game!

It was such a blast watching the General’s beat Hampden-Sydney in the 4th overtime this past Saturday. The football game was just one part of an amazing Parent’s Weekend that was busy and tiring but totally worth it. I don’t think any studens will be hungry for the next few days after a weekend of dining out with the family (or a friends family) and filling up on hors d’oeuvres at cocktail parties.

Sorority Dining

30 Oct

Sorority Row…on a sunnier day!

It seems like the Sorority chefs know when it’s going to be a rainy day out because we always seem to have an awesome soup/hummus/bread bar out at least one of the houses. With a minimum of four different soups to chose from, five different types of yummy bread and plenty of dips and spread, the sorority chefs know what’s up when it’s getting cold and drizzly. We’re lucky because with sorority dining, you get to go to any one of the six houses for lunch. That means you could get a little bit of everything as you make your way down the row with a plate….

With Sandy rolling into Lex, my fingers are crossed that one of the houses will be offering my favorite chicken noodle soup and spinach artichoke dip today!!

Dining with Professors

28 Oct

Washington and Lee’s Hillel hosted a VIP (Very Interesting Professor) Dinner at the Sheridan Livery with Professor Art Goldsmith last week. With spots for only fourteen students the dinner provided an intimate environment to talk with Professor Goldsmith of the Economics Department and discuss his latest research.  At W&L professors are genuinely interested in learning and forming relationships with their students. The dinner was a great way for students to get to know Professor Goldsmith and share a delicious meal!

Food, Fun, and Philanthropy!

28 Oct

Buffalo wings, hotdogs, and… philanthropy?! That’s right – this month, several of our sororities on campus combined favorite foods with games and excitement to raise money for charity. Just last night, Pi Phi hosted “Pi Phi Gives You Wings,” which was exactly what it sounded like: the sorority sold hot wings from Macado’s (a popular local restaurant), and delivered them straight to students anywhere, anytime on campus. Students could also order them instantly from the ‘wing hotline’ (just text for wings!), or buy them steaming fresh from the quad. From the freshman dorms to the Woods Creek apartments, Pi Phi girls were seen walking all around campus, carrying stacked boxes of wings to their hungry and very happy owners. All proceeds were donated to support literacy in elementary education.

This was just one of the many successful food-filled philanthropy events hosted by the sororities. Earlier this weekend, KD organized its “Wieners on Windfall,” which drew large crowds with its hotdogs, wiffleball tournament, and patriotic themed costumes. During this month, Chi O also celebrated its annual Chili Cookoff, “Chili con Chi O,” which featured a competition for the best chili, along with cornbread and games, while Kappa held “Kappas Con Queso,” a Mexcian-themed fundraiser with chips and queso, music, and dancing. This is only a glimpse at some of the many philanthropic endeavors shown by our sororities here on campus. As always, they were filled with good will, good food, and of course, good times.

We Scream for Ice Cream!

26 Sep

First SweetFrog brings us froyo, now gelato’s coming to Lex?! A new cafe is opening on Main Street to replace Joyful Spirit and they are serving gelato! It arrives just in time as our favorite seasonal ice cream shack, Pink Hut, prepares to close shop for the winter. Can’t wait to try this new place!