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Excited for Parent’s Weekend!

5 Nov

My parents and younger brother will be arriving shortly! I am so excited to spend a great weekend with them. There are so many things to do on campus this weekend, we should stay pretty busy! My sorority is having a dinner and a band party tonight. We even designed t-shirts for the weekend. Parent’s Weekend is a pretty big deal here.

Tomorrow, the Generals have a big game. Hopefully, everyone will come to the game and support our football team. If they win the game tomorrow, they will win ODACs! There is also a tailgate tomorrow before the game. Another great way to meet our friends’ families.

W&L Students Get Involved

28 Sep

Everyone at my house is doing something different tonight! Whether it be volunteering at Campus Kitchen or going to the Mock Con meeting or meeting with their peer counseling group, everyone has some extracurriculars to do. I love how so many students choose to participate in all of the great opportunities the University provides. We like to stay busy!

Spring Break and Spring Term!!!!

28 Apr

For my April Break, my pledge class along with a bunch of other sororities and fraternities rented houses at the beach in Alabama. We all had so much fun together and it was nice to spend time with each other when nothing else was going on. Not only did my pledge class bond even further, but we also spent quality time with our other classmates. Everyone was so relaxed after exams, and we all had a great time just hanging out! Nonetheless, we were all so excited to return to campus for the beginning of Spring Term!

Everyone is taking full advantage of Spring Term this year. All of my friends seem to be enjoying their classes, and loving the amount of free time. The weather has been great, and the whole campus is enjoying spring time in Lexington. I am taking a Freshman Seminar Anthropology class called “The Wired Self”.  It focusses on how cell phones and the Internet are changing both individuals and society. My professor put together a lot of great readings that are so engaging and interesting. I have never taken an Anthropology class before, and I especially like this one because the topics and discussions are so current. I can understand and relate to all the things we talk about.It’s only been two days, but so far I’m loving Spring Term!


1 Apr

D-Hall, one of W&L’s dining options, featured my favorite soup today. Their chicken tortilla soup is delicious! I wish I could get the recipe. Even today, one of the first truly hot and sunny days, I couldn’t resist a bowl of soup. D-Hall has so much great food to choose from, I often find myself wandering around pondering what to eat. The sensory overload can be overwhelming! All of my friends have different favorites, and some of them really get creative with their meals. D-Hall offers so much that you can really eat whatever you want. The menu changes everyday, so you don’t get bored either! The D-Hall staff does a wonderful job of preparing fresh food and keeping it stocked all day long. I love just popping into the Commons to grab a snack in between classes. D-Hall is just another one of W&L’s great features. I am really going to miss it next year when I’m living in the Sorority House (although, the food there is pretty good too)!