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Looking Forward to Winter Break

6 Dec

While exams and the end of the semester are grueling, we all have a wonderful winter break to look forward to. I know I, as well as my friends (and some fellow tour guides), are looking forward to spending some quality time in Charleston, SC together. W&L has given me the opportunity to make a life-long group of friends. We all love to travel together and attend each other’s events! Trips over break have been a great bonding experience, and have created many long-lasting memories. I’m so glad that I have such a tight knit community of friends and peers at W&L to share my ‘in school’ and ‘out of school’ time with.

New Stores on Main Street!

18 Sep

Last weekend I decided to pop into the new coffee and cheese shop, Lexington Coffee Roasters and Cheese to You, on Main Street. I was pleased with all the store had to offer. The coffee is from Lexington Coffee Roasters and is so delicious. The man offered samples and explained how each sample had different flavors and notes to it. As an avid coffee drinker/enthusiast, it was great to be able to try new kinds of coffee. The cheese counter had so many artisan cheeses, both local and non-local. I probably tasted all of the cheeses before I finally decided on a few selections. The shop has lots of other coffee and cheese gadgets as well as other snack items. If you haven’t been, definitely check it out. It’s a great addition to the Lexington shopping and food scene!

February Break

17 Feb

February break is a great time for trips with friends. 36 of my nearest and dearest W&L buds have descended upon Birmingham for a debutante ball. Two of my roommates have invited all of us for their special event. It’s sure to be fun. In general, my friends and I don’t travel in small groups. We are all so close that we can’t bear to be separated. I think the friendships I have made at W&L are truly unique. We have had great experiences together all over the country. I have no doubt that this will continue well after we graduate.


10 Dec

Despite the fact that finals week and the end of the semester is stressful and hectic, there are some really fun part of this time of year, too. Study breaks with friends in the co-op and antics in leyburn library at odd hours of the night certainly help to alleviate the stress. Even more, everyone is studying and furiously composing term papers, so there is always someone to commiserate with. Plus, there’s free coffee!

Christmas in the County

30 Nov

Today marks the beginning of the Holiday season at W&L! A Christmas themed party tonight kicks off Christmas Weekend festivities. I can’t wait to see all the crazy, tacky Christmas sweaters tonight. The weather has finally gotten cold, so it’s really beginning to feel like the Holidays!


20 Oct

Halloween at W&L is almost here! Many students will celebrate next Wednesday at the traditional band party on Windfall Hill. Group costumes are common, as often pledge classes and other groups and teams dress up together, but some great individual costumes always make an appearance. It should be a great night, and a fun way beginning to Parent’s Weekend, as well.

It’s Getting Chilly!

7 Nov

Study time in the sorority house is so much more fun when there’s a cozy fire! The weather in Lexington has gotten chilly and it’s so nice to come home to a welcoming warm fire in the living room. Everyone is huddled around studying and reminiscing about a great Parent’s Weekend. There are even some verses of Christmas songs starting….