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My Professors Are Saints

28 Jan

As a Physics/Engineering major, I sometimes come across homework problems and parts of assignments that are over my head, even after reading the corresponding chapter in the book and rereading every detail I wrote down from class. The cool/difficult thing about engineering is that all the problems are applicational.  Every problem is different, and until I have trained my brain to think its way through a certain type of problem, there is no guarantee I will be able to solve it using an example from class or a previous problem.  There have been many times over my past 2 and a half years at this school when I have been completely stuck on an assignment.

What do I do when this happens?  I run into the open arms of my professors.  Not literally, since they are not all the hugging types, but they are always willing to assist me when I need them.  And if they are not in their offices, I hunt them down or post up outside their offices until they come back and then I don’t leave until I understand the information.  How annoying.  If I were them, I would start putting signs on my door like “Professor has moved to a different office” or “Not here, go away!”  My professors, on the other hand, are saints.  They have helped me think my way through difficult homework assignments an innumerable amount of times, and have uplifted me throughout my entire process of my understanding.

I would not survive this major without the constant willingness to help that is seen in all my professors.  My relationship with each and every one of them is extremely strong, and that is something that you can’t find at every university.  The professors at Washington and Lee are here to help students, and they make that very apparent.

Defining ‘Beautiful’

18 Jan

ImageUsually, my favorite days to give tours are the days when the sun is radiating directly above campus, reflecting off every building and sidewalk of W&L, and every color on campus is more vivid than even an Instagram effect can mimic.

However, today I discovered a new beautiful.  When the campus is completely covered in a blanket of snow, the contrast of the pure white and the deep mahogany brick enhances the color scheme of this campus even more than the rays of bright sunlight.  Snow outlines and highlights the buildings and the trees, and draws even more attention to everything about this campus that I love.  The sun reflects off every snowflake and creates a breathtaking view everywhere I go on campus, making my day here seem even more picturesque.  The school photographer should be snapping away today, but even he can’t do this beautiful day justice.


Busy Busy and I love it!

28 Oct

There are always plenty of things to do at W&L!  You can be as busy as you want to be.

My email inbox is always flooded with Career Development Center events, guest speakers presenting, theater productions, RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) events, philanthropy events, social events, and ways to get involved in the community.  It can all be handful on top of my classes, but when I do get a break, I take advantage of the plentiful opportunities at W&L.  If I have spare time, I can always find a way to fill it with fun rewarding activities.

Take Home Midterm

16 Oct

I am so happy about the W&L Honor System for many reasons, but this week especially I am thankful for it because of my Solid Mechanics midterm.  It is a take-home exam, and I have 24 hours to complete it and then return it to my professor.  I can take it in my room, in the library, in a classroom, or even outside if I want.  I love the mutual trust and respect the Honor System creates between professors and students.

Living Off Campus

27 Sep

I absolutely love that students are encouraged to live off campus their Junior and Senior years.  This may mean that if on that sleepy day I don’t wake up to my alarm, I can’t spring to class and make it on time, but the short drive from my house to school is scenic and just long enough to listen to an upbeat song to start the day right. Since the beginning of this school year, my housemates and I have had 3 successful and delicious dinner parties, and plan on having many more.  Living in a house we call our own provides a place for friends to come over and cook delicious meals, watch new hysterical TV episodes, and just catch up about life.  I love coming home from a long day of classes and chatting with friends on my porch that overlooks the Maury River.  There are different benefits of the living arrangements every year at W&L, but having my own beautiful house in lovely Lexington might be my favorite living arrangement yet.