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Sorority Dining

30 Oct

Sorority Row…on a sunnier day!

It seems like the Sorority chefs know when it’s going to be a rainy day out because we always seem to have an awesome soup/hummus/bread bar out at least one of the houses. With a minimum of four different soups to chose from, five different types of yummy bread and plenty of dips and spread, the sorority chefs know what’s up when it’s getting cold and drizzly. We’re lucky because with sorority dining, you get to go to any one of the six houses for lunch. That means you could get a little bit of everything as you make your way down the row with a plate….

With Sandy rolling into Lex, my fingers are crossed that one of the houses will be offering my favorite chicken noodle soup and spinach artichoke dip today!!

Senior Year Bucket List

22 Oct

Checked the House Mountain Hike off of my Senior Year “Bucket List!” Fall was the perfect time for a hike – the Virginia hills were drop dead gorgeous from the top of the mountain!

W&L Women’s Lax Takes On the ATL

28 Feb

It’s a great day to be a General! February Break proved to be worth the time and effort spent on the field as the Women’s Lacrosse Team emerged from the break 3-0! After some close games, an overtime win against Mary Washington and a goal-winning shot with 30 seconds left against Stevenson, the Generals are happy to have finished Feb Break on a positive note.

Our team traveled to Atlanta for a week of training. It was great to get a change of scenery from little Lexington and we were lucky to get some sun, too. Our practice turf field was beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. The W&L Atlanta Alumni Chapter hosted a dinner with the team and it was such a great evening! We had the opportunity to mingle with some undergraduate alumns and some alumns from the Law School as well. The pre-game dinner and W&L cookie cake was amazing and definitely helped us with our win against Sewanee!

Snow or No Snow, We’re Out on the Field

27 Jan

Much to my sore legs’ dismay, I saw our turf field being plowed today during my walk across Cadaver Bridge. This sight was soon followed up by an email from my coach saying that yes, practice was still going to be held this afternoon.

Snow or no snow, it’s preseason and women’s lacrosse will be holding practice whether we are out on the turf in 20 degree weather or inside the gym while the snow accumulates outside. It has been a tough week and a half of preseason practice but our season opener against Mary Washington is helping the team to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully I don’t miss a pass today and have to chase it down before it lands in a pile of snow…. then it’s adios and see you in March when the snow melts!

Pancakes and a 5K

9 Nov

What could be a more wonderful way to kick-off your Saturday morning of Parent’s Weekend then at an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast! Hosted by Theta and Phi Psi, this fraternity/sorority duo hosted over 300 people this past Saturday… all of whom came ready to enjoy copious amounts of pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit, and coffee! Proceeds went towards both organization’s philanthropies.

This coming Saturday, Theta will host another philanthropy event with the brothers of Sigma Chi. Quite contrary to sitting and eating a plate-full of pancakes, this event will having you up and running 5 kilometers!

Volunteer Venture: DC

28 Sep

It’s hot, you’re walking on the sidewalk for miles (and I swear it was all uphill), and there is no metro stop in sight. Why would anyone attempt such an adventure during the summer months in DC? Surely it can’t be because you’re trying to find the nearest grocery store so that your pre-orientation group of First Years can complete their “shopping on a budget” mission for dinner that night. And don’t tell me these students have about $7 to buy enough food for a meal to feed five people!

Well, it’s true. Not only is DC sweltering during the summer months, but our group did only have $7 to spend on groceries for dinner that night. But don’t worry – the trip leaders did make a pretty yummy confetti cake for dessert that night.

Volunteer Venture offers a great option for first-years to get to know other students in their class while participating in community service in locations spanning from Washington, DC to Greensboro, NC and even Lexington, VA. During this week of Pre-Orientation, students may opt to go on a Volunteer Venture trip or an Appalachian Adventure trip, which involves hiking through the beautiful Virginia mountains. As a participant in a Volunteer Venture trip as a first-year and a leader of a VV trip as a sophomore, I can say with confidence that participating in a Pre-Orientation trip is one of the best experiences you’ll have to start off the new school year!

As a first-year, I participated in the Greensboro trip, which focuses on the racial issues surrounding poverty. This past trip, I lead the DC Volunteer Venture that was centered around policy and poverty. We volunteered at places like the DC Central Kitchen, Martha’s Table, and So Other’s Might Eat. The group was also very fortunate to hear from some great speakers, take a night tour of the monuments, and get a special tour of the Capitol! Spending each night on the floor of a church in your sleeping bag, cooking your own food, eating peanut butter sandwiches for lunch everyday, and having a limited number of showers also make for a great bonding experience.

If you’re interested in Washington and Lee and want to make an impact in a community through service, meet a group of amazing people, and start your year off on a positive note, then don’t be afraid to sign up for a Pre-Orientation trip… especially the Volunteer Venture trips! These trips aren’t all about volunteer work. From my experience, they’re more about creating relationships with a group of your peers through service. It’s so nice to have a group of friends when you get back to campus and are thrown right into Orientation week. And it’s also a great introduction to the Poverty classes W&L offers! Go VVDC!

Spring Break On Campus

25 Apr

Women’s lacrosse has been working extremely hard all year and it has finally paid off! We are the top seed in the ODAC tournament and therefore will host the tournament on our field! We’re practicing all week with the semi-final game this Wednesday and then the championship on Sunday if we win!

While all of campus left last week for Spring Break, all of the spring sports teams remained to continue with practice and games. It was tough to say ‘bye’ to all of our friends and campus got very quiet (especially in the dorms!). But we had a great time as a team and had team lunches and dinners along with other fun bonding events! The First-Years bonded over a trip to Kroger to buy picnic food for a hang out at the Colonnade, breakfasts at Sweet Treats, and shopping with the Seniors in Lynchburg.

We even had “The General’s Cup” where our team was split into three groups and we all had to dress up and compete in a series of drills. The costumes were hysterical and the final event of the day was a scavenger hunt through town. The looks on the faces of those driving past us were those of confusion and wonder as we were running in and out of stores dressed in our outfits to try and win the competition!

In the end, Spring Break on campus isn’t really all that bad… especially when you are working towards holding an ODAC trophy!

Generals Women’s Lacrosse

27 Mar

The Gennies have been working hard on and off the field since January in preparation for the lacrosse season! During February Break, we traveled to Baltimore and the DC area to practice and play scrimmages and games. It was a great opportunity to focus during the last week of pre-season and also a chance bond together as a team during long bus rides and even a fun afternoon of shopping in Baltimore after morning practice.

So far the women’s lacrosse team is 5-4, but we still have a lot of time left in the season for some more wins. This week of practice should be tough leading up to our game next Monday against Roanoke but it will definitely be worth all of the effort when we bring home another win!