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AdLib (Advertising and the Liberal Arts)

10 Mar

Advertising is one of my many potential career interests. Every winter W&L hosts the AdLib conference. The two-day event brings back alumni in advertising to talk with all interested students in panels, lectures, and career workshops. In addition to attending conference activities, I was on the Branding Committee. I made posters and other promotional materials for AdLib. It was exciting to see executions I had made all over campus and on AdLib social media.

I went to the keynote speaker dinner at the Sheridan Livery Inn. Not only did I get to have a delicious meal with alumni, I also listened to keynote speaker Andrew Keller (the inventor of Burger King’s chicken fries!) recount about his journey and how he ended up as CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

Talking with all of the alumni reminded me why I chose W&L. As a senior relentlessly searching for a job, I was reassured by many young alumni that the W&L network, as well as the education and opportunities I’ve had at W&L, will help me tremendously in my quest.


– Olivia Davis ’14


My Last Big Sis Week

2 Mar

Big Sister Week is one of my favorite parts of my sorority’s new member period. All new members are assigned a “big sister” from the sophomore pledge class and are showered in gifts all week. They finally find out who their big is during a reveal on Friday.

This year I was delighted to accept a “little-little-little” into my sorority family. I had a great time sneaking into her room to help my family decorate it for her. One day we had to be resourceful when we couldn’t find scissors to cut the ribbon. We did, however, find a butter knife, and managed to hack the ribbon apart that way.

My family and I wanted to throw off our new member so that reveal would be more exciting (and she already had a hunch that she was in our family). We asked her questions that we already knew the answers to, “accidentally” left clues that led her to believe it was another family, and of course denied having any idea about who her big was when we saw her in person. When she found us hiding in the laundry room at the sorority house, she was so excited and surprised.

My now-complete family spent a lot of time together this weekend, including getting ready for our mixers and ending the weekend with Sunday brunch. It was bittersweet, knowing that this was my final Big Sister Week, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and know that I’ll maintain contact with my sorority family, as well as many of my other peers from W&L, for a very long time.


– Olivia Davis ‘14

Never a Dull Evening

9 Feb

After a full day of classes and homework, there’s nothing better than relaxing and hanging out with friends. On Monday, for instance, I met my senior pledge class at Macado’s, a local restaurant, to get dinner and catch up on everything.

It’s often easy and convenient to meet up with friends around Lexington because W&L students live in close proximity to one another. In fact, I’m within walking distance to most of my friends’ homes. I like being able to go see my neighbors on a whim and hang out. I also always have an open door so friends can come over as a spur-of-the-moment decision on a weeknight to watch movies and talk.

It’s safe to say that there’s always something to do and someone to visit in Lexington. I love how open of an environment we have here at W&L.


– Olivia Davis ’14

Learning In and Out of Class

3 Feb

One of my classes offers the opportunity for a service learning experience. With service learning, students can go out into the Rockbridge community and volunteer at a variety of organizations for some sort of course credit. In my case, I get to drop my three lowest reading response grades for health economics. I volunteer for 20 hours over the semester at Yellow Brick Road, a local childcare center. Due to the time I visit, I was told I’ll typically be working with infants. I started volunteering last week, and had a great time.

Whether it’s volunteering in the community or listening to guest speakers, classes at W&L often present students with numerous chances to take learning outside of the classroom and apply it to “the real world.” I like these experiences because it allows me to see that what I’m doing in class is actually meaningful and can help me in the future.


– Olivia Davis ’14

Snow Day!!!

26 Jan

Tuesday was my first ever full snow day as a college student. Even though I grew up in Virginia, Lexington is far more mountainous than my hometown in the central region of the state. Therefore, when it does snow at W&L, people are more prepared to clear off roads quickly and there aren’t nearly as many closings.

It’s always interesting to see students’ reactions whenever it does snow here. Due to the geographic diversity of W&L’s student body, responses vary greatly. Students from the southern U.S. are often seeing snow for the first time, commenting on how exciting it is. On the other hand, students from the northern U.S. are saying how the same snow fall is just an average winter day for them at home.

I took a walk with Snickers on the Colonnade that day. I wanted to see how the buildings looked in the snowfall. It’s a beautiful sight. On my walk, I ran into lots of students playing on the hills between the Colonnade and Lee Chapel (an optimal location for sledding and building snowmen).

Although I enjoyed my day off from classes, I was happy to be back on campus and falling into my normal routine again on Wednesday.


– Olivia Davis ’14

Recruitment Week

21 Jan

The first week back to W&L is formal sorority and fraternity recruitment. It’s a busy few days, but also a lot of fun. As a sorority member, I spent the week with my sisters getting the house ready for nightly recruitment parties and becoming more and more excited about welcoming a new pledge class.

Prior to coming to W&L, I never saw myself as a “sorority girl.” However, after my first month on campus, I realized that Greek life here wasn’t just a superficial extension of high school cliques, as it is often stereotyped to be. Instead, I saw the opportunity to join another network of likeminded women who cared about forming bonds with one another and making a difference in the community.

Three years after my own recruitment week as a first-year, I can look back and fondly recall all of the memories I have of my time as both a sorority member and a W&L student. I’m glad to have had the chance to be a part of these two communities and am looking forward to making the best of my last couple months as a student!


– Olivia Davis ‘14

Life After W&L

17 Nov

As the fall term of my senior year comes to an end, the reality of entering the next phase in life is starting to hit me. The Career Center at W&L has been a useful resource in helping me figure out what to do after I graduate. We receive weekly emails with various job and internship opportunities available.

Additionally, W&L has its own version of LinkedIn called Colonnade Connections where current students and alumni can network. Students also have lots of chances to meet with alumni in person through events on campus, such as the Journalism and Mass Communications Ethics Institutes in the fall and winter terms.

Even though it all seems a bit overwhelming to think about going into “the real world,” I’m grateful for the resources I have at W&L to make the transition smoother along every step of the way.


– Olivia Davis ’14