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Trick-or-treating in Leyburn

31 Oct

My depressing Halloween in the library just got a lot sweeter! An adorable little kid dressed as the red Power Ranger just left  whoppers on the desk next to me. It really is the little things…Happy Halloween!

Nabor’s Service Day

2 Oct

The Nabor’s Service League hosted a bi-annual service day on campus last Saturday. Students from W&L, VMI, and SVU all came together to volunteer in Lexington for the day. My team went to Yellow Brick Road Day Care center and cleaned up the facilities inside and out! Spending time with good girlfriends made the day fly and I can’t wait for all the kids to come back and enjoy their spiffy new classrooms!

We Scream for Ice Cream!

26 Sep

First SweetFrog brings us froyo, now gelato’s coming to Lex?! A new cafe is opening on Main Street to replace Joyful Spirit and they are serving gelato! It arrives just in time as our favorite seasonal ice cream shack, Pink Hut, prepares to close shop for the winter. Can’t wait to try this new place!

An Affair In Red Square

23 Mar

Fancy Dress is tomorrow night! FD, our version of prom, is guaranteed to be a blast. This year’s theme is An Affair in Red Square. One of my friends who is on the FD committee was covered in glitter and spray paint last night – I can’t wait to see the decorations!

Sunny Day

8 Mar

Snow on Monday and students wearing shorts today! It’s a beautiful 70 degree day in Lexington, I can barely remember the chilly start to this week. This winter has been so mild, I suppose we had a little snow coming to us. On one of my tours I even saw students playing in the snow and building a snowman on the Colonnade lawn. Their creation has long since melted…It looks like the weather will be back to normal for the rest of the season.

Midnight Breakfast

13 Dec

Finals week is almost half-way over (yay!) but the pressure is on because I’ve only finished one of my four exams! Lucky for me, I can schedule my own exams here and I will be able to take my remaining tests whenever I want throughout the week. I’ve also got plenty of brain food available to help me get through the week. Last night was the midnight breakfast in the Market Place dining hall. The fabulous D-hall staff opens late to serve yummy  breakfast food (and most importantly, coffee) to late night studiers. First-years and upperclassmen alike took advantage of this great W&L tradition.

Christmas Weekend

5 Dec

Reasons I love the holidays at W&L: peppermint lattes in Co-Op, President Ruscio’s s giant Christmas tree, and most of all, the plethora of glittery dresses worn at Christmas Weekend festivities. Even with the weekend fun behind us and impending exams weighing on me, I still have holiday chorus concerts in the beautiful Lee Chapel to look forward to! As everyone buckles down to cram in the next few weeks, there will be no shortage of options for a study break on campus. (my favorite, of course, being sipping a peppermint latte by the Commons living room fire place.)