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Chick-Fil-A Lovers

2 Apr

ImageFor those of you that are Chick-Fil-A connoisseurs like myself and are thinking that you can never come to a college without Chick-Fil-A at your finger tips, have no fear. I am living proof that it can be done! My house and I have discovered that the nearest Chick-Fil-A, while many are under the impression that it is in Roanoke, is only about 35 minutes away in Waynesboro, VA. This is a healthy distance for me and my obsession, and we often make quick trips as a group to get our fix (I highly recommend getting a platter to save for later…). What about if you don’t have a car? More than a few times each semester some clubs and organizations on campus will offer Chick-Fil-A in the Commons! Although you don’t have to drive to satisfy your craving, you might want to get there early before it runs out! 

Office Hours

2 Apr

Today, much like any other day of the week here for me at Washington and Lee, I went to office hours. As a math major, this part of my day is crucial to my academic success. Whether I’m working on a weekly problem set or studying for the next big Real Analysis test, my professor, just like any other professor at W&L, is more than accessible and really eager to help. This part of my day is where I can solidify the class lectures and ensure that I understand what we’ve covered. To me, this is one of the major benefits of coming to a small liberal arts college like Washington and Lee. All of our professors here really want us to do well and are certainly willing to lend a hand to make it happen.

Feb Break (a little late…)

2 Apr


I know it’s kind of late to be talking about February break with spring break right around the corner, but I just realized that I never blogged to tell everyone about how awesome it was! I live with 6 girls, and my housemates and I decided to spend the week in Beaver Creek where one of them has a place. A couple other groups of friends from school were out there too, and we all had the best time! Although all of our skiing abilities ranged widely, we managed to leave the mountain with only a few minor falls. We skied, ate yummy food, shopped around the village, visited with friends, spent a day in Vail, and of course, hot-tubbed for far too long. This trip was great to get away from the stresses of midterms and spend time with fun people. Not many schools like W&L get a week off in February, and we definitely made the most of it!

Living Off Campus!

11 Sep

It’s the beginning of my junior year, and I’m finally living off campus in my own home! Don’t get me wrong…living on campus was a great experience, so convenient, and always exciting. However, this year I’m living in the Pole Houses, which are a group of student houses built on stilts right next to the Maury River. Being so close to the water and having a huge yard, these houses are awesome during warm weather! During Orientation Week, there was plenty going on right outside our door. We went swimming, had cookouts, went to band parties all in our backyard. I’m also so excited to finally have my own kitchen, washer and dryer, and living with five other friends. Being an upperclassman definitely has its perks!

Mock Con Gala Weekend

16 Nov

This past Saturday W&L celebrated the Presidential Gala for the 2012 Mock Convention – themed black tie and boots! Various delegations hosted parties prior to the event to round up excitement and support. The gala was held in the Doremus Gym where both professors and students attended prepared to have a great time. Incredible entertainment, dancing, and company, the gala was a huge success and lasted until about one in the morning. Although only a quadrennial event, the students will be sure to remember it.

To learn more about the Presidential Gala and learn a little Mock Con background check out this cool video!

Reading Days

17 Oct

Fall Reading Days is a great break from classes whether you stay on campus or go elsewhere. Last year, I stayed in Lexington and had a great time just relaxing and hanging out with friends. We went out to eat, shopped around town, went hiking, and caught up on much needed rest. This year, I stayed Wednesday night in Lexington and got to enjoy a fun time with friends. On Thursday, I flew home to Memphis to spend some time with my family, and on Friday, I headed down to Ole Miss to catch up with some friends from high school. I stayed for the game the next day, and although Alabama won, it was a beautiful day and a great chance to visit with old friends and family. While Lexington is about an eleven hour drive to home, Reading Days gives you the opportunity to go back home before Parent’s Weekend and Thanksgiving. Of course I loved catching up with friends and family, but by the time Sunday rolled around, I couldn’t wait to get back to my friends at W&L!

Speaker Stacy Nadeau

17 Oct

About a week ago, Stacy Nadeau from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty came to the Hillel House to tell her story. I attended the talk with my sorority, and she was incredible! I’ll admit that I was preoccupied with tests and the excitement of the upcoming reading days at first, but she captured my full attention as soon as she walked in the room. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the campaign, their mission is to inspire the self esteem women need to reach their full potential in a world obsessed with perfection and appearance. In order to achieve this, Dove sought out to find women of all shapes, sizes, age, and race to represent their brand. Stacy, a hilarious but very eloquent speaker, told her story of how she became involved and how the campaign drastically changed her life. Laughing as well as crying, everyone in the room paid close attention to every part of her story. Afterwards we got to hang out with Stacy, bug her with questions, follow her on twitter, and eat some really good food! It was a great escape from the stresses of midterms!