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Under the Weather

5 Mar

I feel sick as a dog. Luckily, Hillel has my favorite black bean soup! It’s so nice to have healthy and wholesome dining options on campus that are not only easily accessible but thoroughly delicious too…go Hillel!

In Praise of Honor

29 Jan

The subject line in the e-mail from my politics professor said “Stuck in Detroit.” Of course, everyone in my class was ecstatic; whenever a professor gets stuck in another city with no way to get back for class, it’s reason to celebrate (nothing against any professors or their classes). I had yet, however, to read the e-mail, which went on to say that although our awesome professor was unable to be in class, we were “honor-bound” to report to class as usual and do the assigned lesson. Naturally, my first reaction was “ughhhh, class?!” This was soon followed by a simple decision: I decided to go to class.

I showed up to class, and so did everyone else, and that is really powerful. It is not at many schools that students would show up to class despite the fact that their professor is absent. Everyone in my class showed up, and we all helped each other do the lesson, and thinking back on it, it truly is incredible that every person in our class was present. It is testament to the honor of our students and our school.

The Halloween Spirit (and Sandy)

30 Oct

The magnitude of the ‘Frankenstorm’ is well-documented. It’s twice the size of Hurricane Irene, and it’s being compared to the famed ‘Perfect Storm’ years ago. People all across the East Coast have been bracing themselves for the inevitable onslaught, and our little haven is no different. Students are stocking up on batteries, water, and food, and many are wondering how it will affect Halloween.

W&L does Halloween a little differently than other schools. At W&L, Halloween is much less scandalous and  much more festive. Students dress in quirky, weird, funny, ironic, and clever costumes and we celebrate by having a gigantic tent party in a country field and swing dancing the night away. But what about Sandy? Some people think she’s going to try and ruin all the fun! But I don’t think so. If there’s anything I know about W&L and its students, we won’t let a little wind and rain wreck one of the best holidays of the year! We have a deep-seated passion for making the best out of everything, and I’m sure that tomorrow will be no different.