My Last Big Sis Week

2 Mar

Big Sister Week is one of my favorite parts of my sorority’s new member period. All new members are assigned a “big sister” from the sophomore pledge class and are showered in gifts all week. They finally find out who their big is during a reveal on Friday.

This year I was delighted to accept a “little-little-little” into my sorority family. I had a great time sneaking into her room to help my family decorate it for her. One day we had to be resourceful when we couldn’t find scissors to cut the ribbon. We did, however, find a butter knife, and managed to hack the ribbon apart that way.

My family and I wanted to throw off our new member so that reveal would be more exciting (and she already had a hunch that she was in our family). We asked her questions that we already knew the answers to, “accidentally” left clues that led her to believe it was another family, and of course denied having any idea about who her big was when we saw her in person. When she found us hiding in the laundry room at the sorority house, she was so excited and surprised.

My now-complete family spent a lot of time together this weekend, including getting ready for our mixers and ending the weekend with Sunday brunch. It was bittersweet, knowing that this was my final Big Sister Week, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and know that I’ll maintain contact with my sorority family, as well as many of my other peers from W&L, for a very long time.


– Olivia Davis ‘14

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