Student’s Opinions Matter

10 Feb

The past few weeks, I’ve had several guest professors come in to teach my Media Ethics class. The Journalism Department is hiring a new chair of the Knight Program in Journalism Ethics, and their top candidates came in and taught our class for a period. It was honestly a little bit exhausting, because we had barely gotten to know our own Professor, but ultimately I think that my classmates and I rolled with the punches.

We were observed by basically the whole Journalism Department during these class periods while they made notes on our potential professors. But after the whole ordeal was over, they asked our opinion of the candidates. Took the time to write down notes and get a sense of who we liked the best. It seemed like they were really invested in getting a professor that they knew would be able to connect with the students and could be someone who we would listen to and talk to. I think the fact that professor’s value the input of W&L students is something that makes our university so special, and I’m pleased to know that my opinions, however minuscule, will be taken into account. 

-Taylor McPherson 14


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