Winter Term Fun!

26 Jan

It’s been freezing these past few weeks, and if I’m not in class I would always rather be snuggling in my warm bed or couch. It’s always hard to work up the effort to go outside, especially at night. During Winter Term, though, sororities’ social chairs always make sure that there are fun mixers planned! Getting dressed up with your sisters in funny costumes is a great way to get me out of my house. We’ve had Cops and Robbers, 80’s Cardio, and 90’s Grunge themes recently, and they have all been very fun to get dressed up for.

I love hanging out with girls that I don’t usually see on a regular basis, taking lots of pictures, and getting my groove on on the dance floor (even though I’m pretty bad.) Our mixer this past Saturday actually had a 90’s cover band which was great and a nice break from DJ’s. And the week before that, a guy actually made brownies in the kitchen of the fraternity so we got a nice treat AND a party. This is a picture of my friend Emily and I at our 80’s mixer!


-Taylor McPherson ’14


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