Snow Day!!!

26 Jan

Tuesday was my first ever full snow day as a college student. Even though I grew up in Virginia, Lexington is far more mountainous than my hometown in the central region of the state. Therefore, when it does snow at W&L, people are more prepared to clear off roads quickly and there aren’t nearly as many closings.

It’s always interesting to see students’ reactions whenever it does snow here. Due to the geographic diversity of W&L’s student body, responses vary greatly. Students from the southern U.S. are often seeing snow for the first time, commenting on how exciting it is. On the other hand, students from the northern U.S. are saying how the same snow fall is just an average winter day for them at home.

I took a walk with Snickers on the Colonnade that day. I wanted to see how the buildings looked in the snowfall. It’s a beautiful sight. On my walk, I ran into lots of students playing on the hills between the Colonnade and Lee Chapel (an optimal location for sledding and building snowmen).

Although I enjoyed my day off from classes, I was happy to be back on campus and falling into my normal routine again on Wednesday.


– Olivia Davis ’14

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