Recruitment Week

21 Jan

The first week back to W&L is formal sorority and fraternity recruitment. It’s a busy few days, but also a lot of fun. As a sorority member, I spent the week with my sisters getting the house ready for nightly recruitment parties and becoming more and more excited about welcoming a new pledge class.

Prior to coming to W&L, I never saw myself as a “sorority girl.” However, after my first month on campus, I realized that Greek life here wasn’t just a superficial extension of high school cliques, as it is often stereotyped to be. Instead, I saw the opportunity to join another network of likeminded women who cared about forming bonds with one another and making a difference in the community.

Three years after my own recruitment week as a first-year, I can look back and fondly recall all of the memories I have of my time as both a sorority member and a W&L student. I’m glad to have had the chance to be a part of these two communities and am looking forward to making the best of my last couple months as a student!


– Olivia Davis ‘14


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