Rush Week!

20 Jan

I won’t deny that rush week is a pretty stress-filled time, but it also can be a TON of fun! There is a lot singing, dancing, and performing to prepare for the three nights of rush week. It is fun to see everyone let loose and travel back to 5th grade when making up dances was, at least for me, always a favorite “play date” activity. What I also love about rush week is that it is a time to get to know girls in your sorority that you may not be as close with. Last year, when the whole sorority was brought together to practice singing rush songs, I happened to sit down next to a girl I had never met before (I didn’t even know what grade she was in!)  Just in the few minutes that we sat together, though, we became instant friends and are still close to this day! The time spent preparing for and during rush week is all worth it on bid night when the freshman come running to the sorority houses to be met with open arms by their new sorority members. It is always an exciting moment shared with lots of smiles! 

Here, a close friend and I have just received our bids and are getting ready to head on over to be greeted by our new sorority members! 




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