Bid Day!

19 Jan

Sorority Recruitment is a completely exhausting process for everyone involved, but especially so for those of us on the recruitment team. It’s completely worth it, though, when the week is over and it’s BID DAY! We have our sophomores go greet and pick up the new freshmen right by the quad, and then they come back to the house to eat, hang out, and have a sleepover! (Hey, you can still have sleepovers in college). We upperclassmen stay behind and go out on the porch of the house to serenade (read: shout) them with one of our favorite ADPi songs, “Deep in My Heart.” It’s fun even if it’s cold outside but seeing everyone look so excited is great! The initial moments are, of course, people frantically taking pictures and hugging–I remember it fondly from my freshman year but now, as I know less people in the new pledge class, it’s just as fun to hang back and see how excited everyone is.

Bid Day makes all the hard work worth it, and my sorority is one of the things that has made my W&L experience the best! My friends and I were of course not immune to taking pictures so here we are “throwing diamonds,” the ADPi gang sign.

Posing with some of my closest friends!

Posing with some of my closest friends!

-Taylor McPherson ’14


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