Missing my “Abroad Life”

17 Nov

At many points during this semester, my mind has wandered to a faraway place where I studied abroad last year this time: ROME. It was the most amazing experience and if I could do it all over again, I would. I’d describe my study abroad experience as one big adventure. My weekends were spent traveling across Italy and to other countries in Europe as my weekdays consisted of classes and exploring all the amazing spots Rome has to offer! As an art history minor, I was able to fully embrace the art center that Rome is in two art history classes that I took during my time at John Cabot University. These classes were not your typical class, either-they were “on site” classes meaning the class would be conducted either at a monument, church, or museum in order to learn about the art while being surrounded by it. I am currently taking two art history classes now, and it really just isn’t the same learning about art pieces while they are projected onto a giant screen in the classroom. This was one of the many highlights of my abroad life that I miss so much! Along with the amazing food, of course…

This is a picture I took standing on top of Gianicolo Hill, one of my favorite spots in Rome. A little off the beaten track, this hill was about a ten minute walk from where I lived. Up a steep hill and about 100 steps takes you to this hill overlooking all of Roma. Bella, no?Image 





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