Skyping With Alumni!

11 Nov

People at W&L and outside of it (cough cough a lot of college ranking websites cough cough) tout W&L’s alumni connections as one way in which it is a unique and great school. Though I am a senior and probably should be using this alumni network to aid my job search, I haven’t gotten there yet. That doesn’t mean as a student I have not yet benefited from an alumi connection, however.  In my Communication Theory class with Professor Artwick in the J-school, we had the opportunity to skype today with an alumnus, Austin Stair Calhoun, a PhD candid at the University of Minnesota.  She had some really interesting things to say about the representation of women in sports media. She discussed her specific research about women coaches’ bios and how often same-sex or non-traditonal family narratives are left out, something that was not a problem in the bios of male coaches.  This is something I had never thought of before and I am really grateful that W&L has alumni who are still willing to take time out of their busy schedule to talk to undergrads in class.  I know that if one day I have a job that pertains to either of my majors I would be happy to talk to current W&L students and I love that we can do this at such a small school!

Unrelated: here’s a gorgeous picture I took of campus.


-Taylor McPherson ’14



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